MU Alum Serves in Tanzania through Jesuit Volunteer Corp

Ryan Knott, a 2014 Marquette University graduate, is currently serving in Tanzania as a teacher through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Ryan participated in Marquette’s South Africa Service Learning program when he was a student. In his Jesuit Volunteer profile, Ryan says his decision to participate in JVC was greatly influenced by his time in South Africa. “My service-learning semester in Cape Town, South Africa inspired and challenged me to look beyond myself and to work and learn for and with others. I sought to deepen my experience of culture and life with JVC’s international program and I’m grateful for the chance to have returned to the African continent to walk with and learn from people in a new way.”

You can read Ryan’s full JV Profile at the Jesuit Volunteer Corps website.
JVC is also currently accepting applications to the domestic program on a rolling basis.



Marquette Faculty Member Reflects on Trip to Cuba

Professor Andrea Schneider was one of several Marquette Law School faculty to lead a trip to Cuba over winter break. The trip focused on international conflict resolution in light of the renewed diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S. Professor Schneider has recently reflected on the trip on the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog. In her second blog post she writes about visiting a plaque commemorating the “Spanish-Cuban-American War." Professor Schneider writes, “I knew of no such thing. We learned about the Spanish-American War… It was a really good way to start the trip-with an important reminder that we each have our own take on history.” Read more about the trip in Professor Schneider’s posts on the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog.




Marquette Professor Receives Fulbright Global Flex Award

Marquette Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Richard C. Taylor, was named a recipient of the Fulbright Global Flex Award. The Fulbright Global Flex Award provides academics the chance to travel abroad and engage in research and teaching opportunities in a handful of different countries. As a recipient of this award, Dr. Taylor will be teaching and conducting research in Ankara, Istanbul and Pisa for 6 weeks at a time at each place for the next three years. Dr. Taylor explains his teaching and research will focus on “Aquinas and ‘The Arabs’ to show commonalities and shared thinking in medieval philosophy in intellectual figures of the lands of Islam and Europe.” To learn more about Dr. Taylor and his research click here.



Study Abroad Contributes to Great Leaders

Last month, Forbes magazine examined the benefits and rewards of students studying abroad during their undergraduate career. It was determined that above all other benefits, studying abroad provides students the opportunity to become a more developed and greater leader than ever before.


According to Forbes, “Today, thanks to technology and the internet, the world is global. Business is global.” While business is global, American business leaders are not global. Studying abroad gives the opportunity for future business leaders to become global and bi-cultured by immersing oneself in a new country and culture.


But studying abroad and becoming a bi-cultured, global leader consists of more than just learning about cultural traditions and a new language. Studying abroad allows students to look outward, observe human behavior, develop a sense of self, navigate unfamiliar situations and find what it means to really listen and learn. Studying abroad provides the opportunity for students to acquire these skills which they may otherwise not have the ability to do. To read the full Forbes article click here.



MUCTJ Faculty Course Development Grants: 2016 Spring Grant Competition

The Marquette University Center for Transnational Justice (MUCTJ) will be awarding up to four grants for full-time Marquette faculty to develop new courses, or significantly revise existing courses, that explore issues of justice that transcend national borders. The course must be taught at least once within three semesters following notice of the grant award. Each development award will be for $3600.


Innovative proposals are sought especially in the following areas:

  • Migration: including immigration, refugee and asylum issues, migrant worker issues, immigrant incorporation and exclusion

  • Economics, Politics, and Justice: including issues of hunger, environmental policy and practice, global economic crises, and development

  • Human Security: including issues of human rights challenges and protections, health care and pandemic diseases, and transnational crime

Application Procedures: Applicants must submit the following materials:

  • Letter of application that describes the proposed course

  • Updated curriculum vitae

  • One page draft syllabus

  • Letter of support from department chair

Applications must be submitted electronically as PDF or Word attachments, to the following email address: The application deadline for the Spring 2016 competition is noon, Friday April 8, 2016.


A list of past grant recipients is available at



Study Abroad Alumni have Better Career Outcomes

Researchers recently completed a study on students who participated in a European study abroad program called Erasmus. The study used a tool called Memo to look at the development of certain traits in the participating students. The traits studied are highly valued by employers, and include: a tolerance of ambiguity, curiosity, confidence, serenity, decisiveness, and ability to solve problems. While the students who participated in the Erasmus program naturally scored higher on these traits than their peers, more than half also made significant gains in these areas after studying abroad. The study also showed that participating students were more likely to be employed after graduation than their peers.


More information on the study can be found at here.



One Click Can Help Children or Teens with Motor Disabilities

The Centro de Investigación en Bioingenieria is applying for funds from the Mapfre Foundation to help children and teens with motor disabilities get personalized assistive devices. The project hopes to reduce the children and teens’ “educational and social exclusion and strengthen their rights to identity, liberty and protection.” The winner of funding is determined by the greatest number of online votes, and you can help!


Visit the project’s page and you will see two buttons on the top right to vote (votar) via Facebook or E-mail.


If you choose to vote via E-mail, please follow these directions:

  • Click the E-mail button on the project’s home page

  • You will see a caption confirming your vote was registered (see below) and will receive an e-mail confirmation

    • Tu voto se ha registrado correctamente. Comprueba tu bandeja de entrada para finalizar el proceso.

  • Once you receive your confirmation e-mail, please press AQUÍ to confirm your vote. The e-mail will look like this:

    • Hemos recibido su voto para la Convocatoria de Proyectos Internacionales de Fundación MAPFRE

      Para poder contar el voto, necesitamos que lo valide pulsando AQUÍ
    • Si usted no ha efectuado esta votación ignore este email.

This request comes from Dr. Karla Bustamante, a faculty member of Marquette’s partner institution Tecnológico de Monterrey in Chihuahua, Mexico. Dr. Bustamante also previously completed a post-doctorate fellowship with Dr. Jerry Harris at Marquette University.




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Marquette Career Services Center: Spring Career Fair Week
February 16 - 19

February 16th-19th the Career Services Center will be sponsoring Spring Career Fair Week. The week is dedicated to guiding students to potential career paths, networking opportunities and more. Meet recruiters, companies and corporations in search of students seeking career experience in all different fields of studies. Click here for details and more information on career fair events.



Scholarships & Conferences

Check out our scholarships and conferences webpage dedicated to keeping up-to-date listings of scholarships, fellowships and academic conference opportunities available to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff. Click on the links below for details and the complete listing.

-Freeman Awards for Study in Asia

-German Academic Exchange Service Undergraduate Scholarships and Internships

-Laura W. Bush Traveling Scholarship

-Institut of Current World Affairs Fellowship

-Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship





Ryan Scherba.
Marquette Alum 2012
Peace Corps - Education Sector in Kosovo

Ryan Scherba is a 2012 Marquette University graduate with a passion to serve around the world. Earning his degree in International Affairs with a focus on European Studies and the German Language, Literature and Culture his passion for other cultures is evident and admirable.


Post-graduation, Scherba initially taught English in Russia for three years. While it was a fantastic experience, he had always known he was interested in serving the Peace Corps. After speaking with his cousin, Patrick, who served in Gabon with the Peace Corps Scherba realized the Peace Corps program would allow him to continue to serve others while simultaneously experiencing a new culture.


With a drive to spread culture and be immersed in another, Scherba was accepted to serve in Kosovo for the Peace Corps in the education sector. Scherba currently serves in Kosovo as a member of the second group of volunteers to serve this area as well as part of the inaugural group that has volunteers in the Serbian minority community. While serving in the Peace Corps Scherba is living in a small Serbian village, Klokot. 


Due to his placement in the education sector, Scherba volunteers by teaching English at the Sveti Sava Elementary School in Klokot. In addition to teaching English, Scherba and other Peace Corps volunteers are helping establish summer camps throughout Kosovo for volunteer communities and municipalities. While volunteering Scherba notes “Our communities drive most of the projects we work on. We are here for what they want, not what we want them to have!"


When Scherba is not volunteering, he is at home with his host family truly experiencing new customs and cultural traditions. One the most memorable being celebrating Slava, a celebration of the family’s patron saint. The three day long celebration included traditional dishes from Kosovo, dancing, eating and singing with guest from all over Kosovo and Serbia.


From his time as an undergraduate student at Marquette University to serving in the Peace Corps today Scherba explains "You can really make a difference for the people of your community. It is a truly humbling experience and the people in your community will remember you for the rest of their lives. […] Be the difference and never forget that We Are Marquette."





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