Dr. Judith Mayotte announced as keynote for Marquette Commencement

Dr. Judith Mayotte will give the Marquette's Commencement ceremony address on Sunday, May 22. She is one of Marquette's best known alumnae, and the founder of the South Africa Service Learning Program. Mayotte earned her Ph.D. in 1976 and has had a long career as a teacher, author, television producer and humanitarian. President Lovell expressed that Mayotte's "insights, humility and focus on helping others is truly admirable" and that she "embodies Marquette's mission and values, and is superb role model of our graduates."


To read the full announcement, click here.



Nationwide campaign #GoStudyAbroad offers $30,000 in scholarship and travel prizes

The Institute of International Education is urging anyone who has studied abroad to nominate college students to consider or commit to studying abroad before they graduate. This campaign is part of a 5-year plan to double the amount of students participating in study abroad programs. IIE’s goal is to have at least 10,000 study abroad alumni to nominate students.


Dr. Allan E. Goodman, IIE’s President and CEO expresses the importance of making study abroad a part of a student’s study abroad education “We need mentors, campus leaders, faculty and relatives, to inspire and motivate students to study abroad so that the next generation of Americans is prepared to thrive in our globalized world.”


General nominations:  nominate someone through this link or by tagging them on social media using the hashtag #GoStudyAbroad


Study Abroad Alumni: nominate through this link to be entered to win a grand prize roundtrip international flight, sponsored by IFSA-Butler, as well as other prizes


Study Abroad Scholarship: students can enter to win a $10,000 scholarship to study abroad here.





OIE offers 2 roundtrip airfares to faculty/staff partipicating in Summer Spanish Language program

The Office of International Education is offering two roundtrip airfares for faculty or staff members who participate in the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla’s Summer Spanish Language Program. The only additional cost to faculty or staff members who receive one of the two free airfare packages will be room and board, since tuition for the program is free. There are two program sessions, lasting two weeks each, offered over the summer: June 6 – 17 and June 20 – July 1. The program consists of Spanish language classes in the mornings and options to teach, lead seminars/workshops or collaborate and explore with peers in the afternoons.


To apply for the roundtrip airfare: Please send a one page description of how the Spanish Language Program would benefit your professional responsibilities at Marquette to Terence Miller, Director of the Office of International Education at t . Staff members should also submit a letter of support from their immediate supervisor.


For more information and to apply for the Summer Spanish Language Program, click here.




Is Study Abroad the solution for opening the American mind?

Sanford J. Ungar, President Emeritus at Goucher College, recently wrote a piece published in Foreign Affairs regarding the role of study abroad in creating more globally-minded U.S. citizens. Ungar writes that the U.S. public’s lack of understanding when it comes to other cultures “severely hinders the creation and implementation of a rational, consistent, and nuanced foreign policy that reflects American values and enjoys public support.” The paper urges for greater federal support for the creation and funding of study abroad opportunities as a step toward developing a generation “who will know more and care more about the rest of the world.” Ungar also mentions the outcomes students experience after studying abroad, which include greater competitiveness in the job market and some evidence that the experience can increase one’s lifetime earning potential.


To read the entire piece, click here.




Marquette abroad student wins Kent sport prize

Marquette student Josiah Owen is currently a junior studying abroad at University of Kent in Canterbury, England. In the month of December and January University of Kent’s sport department and recreation center, Kent Sport, held a special raffle drawing for university students with a Kent Sport membership. Josiah’s name was picked a winner and his prize included a full refund of his student membership along with a bag full of sports equipment.  After being announced a winner Josiah thanks "the tremendous staff of Kent Sport for creating a comfortable and engaging environment that is allowing me to reach my fitness goals! Though I am an international student, Kent Sport has provided a place where I feel welcomed and challenged every single day.” Congratulations Josiah!




International experiences point to innovation

According to A World of Experience, a report conducted by British Council, an international experience leads to innovative work opportunities after spending time abroad. The study looked at 1,148 UKE residents, 712 had an international experiences while 436 did not. An international experience included experiences such as a semester abroad, volunteer experience or an exchange program.


Nearly half of those who had an international experience indicated that they are involved with innovation (46%) or in creating new good and services (49%) in the workplace. Additionally those who had an international experience are stronger in areas including critical and analytical thinking along with problem solving compared to those who did not have an international experience. Participating in an international experience is more likely to lead to opportunities and work with an international focus as well.


The connection between innovation and an international experience has not been as prevalent in years past as it is today. The hope is that this correlation between the two strengthens and continues to grow. Mona Lotten, a contributing author of the report explains “We hope this new insight will lead employers to test for these skills and experiences as part of their recruitment strategies and reward these skills and experiences to a greater extent […]” To read the entire article about the report click here.



AAC&U seeks applications or nominations for Faculty Fellows Program

The Association of American Colleges and University, in conjunction with the Washington Internship Institute, invite applications or nominations for the Faculty Fellow Program in Washington, DC. This program offers faculty from all disciplines the unique opportunity to “pursue their professional, disciplinary, and personal interests in a challenging and dynamic professional environment – and to reinvigorate their work as scholars, teachers, advisers, and educational leaders.” During this one semester experience, Faculty Fellows will work at “government agencies, non-profit organizations, national associations, museums, foundations, and other sites related to their expertise and professional interests.”


For more information, visit the Faculty Fellows Program website.


The deadline to apply for the Fall Semester is April 1, 2016.





Fulbright aims to diversify candidate pool


Recently The Chronicle took an inside look at the Fulbright Scholarship program and the push to diversify its candidate pool. Run by the State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright program is a scholarship for students and scholars to expand their international experience. Since its establishment, the majority of Fulbright program participants have been white. Currently this still holds true with 66.4% of the 2015-16 participants being white while black and Latino participants have remained underrepresented.


The Fulbright program is currently putting forth strong efforts to increase the number of underrepresented participants in the scholarship program. Mala Adiga, the department’s deputy assistant secretary for academics programs tells The Chronicle “We want to send the message to all students and scholars that Fulbright encourages your interest, and that we’re committed to promoting diversity in the program for the long term. We believe that individuals from a wide range of backgrounds who have the talent and are committed to success, should have an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the world as Fulbrighters”


Diversifying and encouraging applicants from all different backgrounds consists of speaking and communicating with a broader and bigger audience about the Fulbright program opportunity. According to The Chronicle the Fulbright program plans to do this by increasing “communication with minority-serving institutions and other campuses through webinars, social media, and other outreach.” In addition, Fulbright sees past underrepresented Fulbrighters speaking one-on-one with minority applicants a vital component to increasing the number of underrepresented participants in the program. Click here to read the entire article from The Chronicle.





CalendarFrom excursions to the Milwaukee Art Museum to holiday celebrations, the Office of International Education offers a wide variety of programming open to all Marquette students.

Check our events calendar for an up-to-date schedule of events.



Mr. and Ms. Africa Scholarship Pageant

Sunday, March 13, 2016

6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Varsity Theater


A.S.A. 2016 is presenting a pageant competition in which 8 contestants will display skills and talents related to African Culture and the aspiration to create better communal and cultural understanding throughout the world. The contestant(s) will be awarded a sum of money for there efforts. In addition to the display presented by our contestants, ASA and other students of Marquette will entertain. Events throughout the program will include performances from the ASA dance team (Afro-fusion), spoken word, and a myriad of other events. Students will be asked to pay 5 dollars for prepaid entry, Faculty will pay 7, and it is 10 dollars at the door.




International Poetry Reading


March 31, 2016

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Raynor Library Beaumier Suites B/C


Come read a poem in any non-English language – or just listen and enjoy! Those wishing to participate in the reading should schedule a reading time in advance with Dr. Anne Pasero at or (414) 288-7063. A printed copy of the poem and an English translation should also be brought to the event.


Sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, The Office of International Education and Raynor Memorial Libraries.




Intersectionality Speakers Series 2016

April: Arab American Heritage Month

“Feminist Perspectives on Justice In/For Palestine” Lecture by Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi and Dr. Simona


Monday, April 11, 2016

Lecture: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Q&A: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi and Dr. Simona Sharoni met over twenty five years ago and have collaborated on multiple projects. They will discuss the impact of the violence on, and the responses of Palestinian and Israeli women.




Scholarships & Conferences

Check out our scholarships and conferences webpage dedicated to keeping up-to-date listings of scholarships, fellowships and academic conference opportunities available to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff. Click on the links below for details and the complete listing.

Academic and Conference Opportunities

-U.S. Career Forum for Japanese-speaking students

-English Open Doors Program in Chile

-SiS (Study in Spain) Student Ambassador Program

-European Environmental Sciences and Ecology Journal (EES) submissions



-Freeman Awards for Study in Asia

-German Academic Exchange Service Undergraduate Scholarships and Internships

-Rotary Peace Fellowship

-United Nations Internship Program

-Atlas Corps Fellowship

-Tutor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (an MU Partner in Hong Kong)

-Financial Aid Opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean Students

-Engineering Scholarship for Masters Degree - Universidad Pontificia Comillas

-The U.S. Department of State Pathways Internships

-Teach and Learn in Korea Government-sponsored scholarship

-Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Domestic Program



-AAC&U and the Washington Internship Institute Faculty Fellows Program



In Celebration of St. Patrick's Day, the Student Profile in this issue comes straight from Dublin!

Name: Kelly Koronkowski
Year: Junior
Major: Nursing
University College Dublin- Summer 2015


Kelly Koronkowski is a current junior at Marquette University studying Nursing. Last summer she studied abroad at University College Dublin where she grew both academically and personally. Her decision to study abroad in Ireland was influenced by her father’s strong Irish ties and her eagerness to learn more about education and health care from a global perspective. Studying abroad at University College Dublin also gave Kelly the chance to work one-on-one with a medical mentor. This opportunity provided her a unique experience to gain further insights and knowledge in the nursing field.


Due to her major, Kelly enrolled in a course on research in nursing practice. It was through this course that Kelly had the opportunity to work one-on –one with an Irish public health nurse specializing in geriatrics. Through this course students usually write literature reviews based on the research their specific mentor is conducting. But because Kelly’s mentor was in the final stages of research Kelly had the opportunity to write her own literature review on a topic of her choice.


Kelly’s literature review focused on the effects of music therapy on communication with middle to end-stage Alzheimer’s patients. “…the idea behind writing a paper like this is to ask yourself a question related to care that interests you and then search and synthesize current publications. It’s something everyone should do before conducting research of their own! It was one of the most challenging assignments I’ve ever completed, but it was also a great way to put what I learned into practice” explains Kelly. Since her return to the states Kelly has been in contact with someone from the College of Nursing with hopes to find some outlets for her literature review here.


The time Kelly spent in Ireland and the experiences she had is something she will never forget. Reflecting on her time at University College Dublin Kelly shares this advice, “I truly believe the biggest thing stopping you from studying abroad is yourself – if there’s a program you’re passionate about, take initiative. Nothing in life happens without some work, so put in the time and start saving…trust me, it’s worth it.”





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