Dr. Judith Mayotte is Keynote Speaker for Marquette's 135th Commencement ceremony

Founder of the South Africa Service Learning Program, Dr. Judith Mayotte, is this year’s Commencement keynote speaker.  Dr. Mayotte has strong ties to Milwaukee and Marquette University, where she earned her doctorate in theology in 1976.

Dr. Judith Mayotte has lived as a member of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and worked in the inner cities of Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona, Kansas City, Missouri and Milwaukee.


After working as a television producer, and research director for WTTW in Chicago, and Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, Dr. Mayotte accumulated Emmy and Peabody Awards for her work, before joining the University of Chicago.  Later, she felt drawn to work with refugees in Eritrea, Sudan, Pakistan, Thailand and Cambodia.  She shared her observations with the world by publishing in 1992 her book, “Disposable People? The Plight of Refugees.”


Dr. Mayotte went on to a career at the State Department and in academia. Currently, she lives in Washington, D.C., but remains a vital part of Marquette’s South Africa Service-Learning Program having been present and giving lectures every semester since the program’s founding.


At Marquette University, the South Africa Service Learning program is the flagship program of the university’s study abroad, managed by the Office of International Education.  This transformative semester long experience is at the heart of Marquette’s mission to be “men and women for others.”






South Africa Resident Director comments on the 10th anniversary of MU South Africa Service Learning Program: Marquette students become Global Citizens enriching the Township Communities in Cape Town


by Melikaya Ntshingwa


Dr. Judy Mayotte, founder of Marquette University’s South Africa Service Learning Programme (South Africa spelling), has created a powerful legacy for students to experience social justice through the eyes of an African nation while absorbing lessons they can apply even in the United States. This programme has seen young people from Marquette spending a semester studying at the University of the Western Cape and working with local organizations and schools serving others. Over the years, the programme has contributed to increased literacy at local schools, given hope to domestic violence survivors, and a smile to abandoned and neglected children in orphanages in the Cape Flats townships in Cape Town.


In January 2016, the eighteen member Marquette delegation spent a week in South Africa to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the programme. The trip was a reminder of how Marquette embraces the Jesuit values of service and equity. While the programme is geographically distant from the U.S., it’s a reminder that social injustices faced abroad are similar to those dealt with here in the United States. While abroad, students are exposed to an array of diverse cultures. This helps enhance student’s awareness of racial, religious and social views, advancing their knowledge on how to deal with social injustices when back in the United States.


Currently, 20 young people are working to enhance the Jesuit mission in Cape Town. These young people like many others before them, are near the end of their semester, a time to individually reflect on what they have learned in Cape Town. During their time in South Africa, the Marquette students presently in Cape Town have experienced firsthand ‘fees must fall movement, a student driven protest occurring on South Africa campuses similar to the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, debates about political reform, and service delivery protests in the transport sector.   


When the students leave Cape Town, we hope the programme has taught them not only cultural knowledge, but a better perspective of their role in the global village. As we prepare to welcome another group of 20 students for a five-month stay through Marquette’s South Africa Service Learning Programme, we are confident these students will embrace service projects in Cape Town, and mutually explore changes needed in their own communities impacting the greater world.





Matteo Ricci Global Scholars

The Office of International Education (OIE) was recently awarded an Innovation grant to establish the Matteo Ricci Global Scholar educational badge. The initial three (3) year program will be piloted in the College of Arts & Sciences with the goal of expanding it to other colleges and majors after assessment and evaluations have been completed. While Marquette has a few internationally-focused undergraduate majors (e.g., International Affairs and International Business), the university lacks an accessible and integrated structure for any student in any major to develop and demonstrate to future employer’s requisite intercultural competencies. Specifically, students will be challenged to gain an intermediate-level of proficiency in a language of their choice, complete a significant education abroad experience integrating a minimum of 12 academic credits into their Marquette undergraduate experience, demonstrate a significant verifiable engagement with either a local or global community or MU student organization, and enroll in six credits (6) of international academic coursework on campus. To assess the student’s learning and be awarded the educational badge the student must integrate all of their experiences into an e-portfolio that will serve as a central location for students to deposit educational artifacts, reflect on learning, and write a summative essay integrating the various aspects of the program related to intercultural competency development.


This program will be ideal for students who aspire to be global citizens and want to demonstrate key global workforce skills to future employers.




Course Offerings

Fall 2016 Course: Chinese Culture and Civilization

This upcoming fall semester a Chinese Culture and Civilization class (CHNS 3200-101) class will be offered to students for enrollment. The class will be take a close look at the Chinese culture providing a cultural exchange between students and include activities such as calligraphy, paper cutting and museum visits. Depending on student's current course requirements the Chinese Culture and Civilization class falls within the following attributes: Asian studies, electives, non-business electives, International Affairs, International Content Course, Interdisciplinary Studies and upper division class. All students are welcome to enroll, the class is taught in English and meets on Monday and Wednesdays from 2 – 3:15 p.m. 




Summer 2016 Courses: Italian 1001 & 1002

This summer the Foreign Language department will be offering both Italian 1001 and Italian 1002 taught by Ms. Claudia Pessarelli as an online course. Enrolling in either one of these classes during Marquette’s 2016 summer sessions is helpful if you are interested in traveling or spending a semester abroad in Italy. For more information on spaces available visit CheckMarq.




Scholarships & Conferences

Check out our scholarships and conferences webpage dedicated to keeping up-to-date listings of scholarships, fellowships and academic conference opportunities available to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff. Click on the links below for details and the complete listing.

Academic and Conference Opportunities

-English Open Doors Program in Chile

-SiS (Study in Spain) Student Ambassador Program

-European Environmental Sciences and Ecology Journal (EES) submissions

-The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) Summer Teacher Institute


-Freeman Awards for Study in Asia

-German Academic Exchange Service Undergraduate Scholarships and Internships

-United Nations Internship Program

-Atlas Corps Fellowship

-Tutor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (an MU Partner in Hong Kong)

-Financial Aid Opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean Students

-Engineering Scholarship for Masters Degree - Universidad Pontificia Comillas

-The U.S. Department of State Pathways Internships

-Teach and Learn in Korea Government-sponsored scholarship

-Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Domestic Program

-Fullbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation for Research Abroad (DDRA)







Name: Nate Hams

Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Woodstock, Illinois


Nate Hams is a current senior at Marquette University, graduating Sunday. In his first semester as a senior, Nate took the opportunity to study abroad. Last fall, Nate lived and studied in Cape Town, South Africa through Marquette’s South Africa Service Learning Program.


Nate initially heard about the South Africa program thanks to his friend Quinn who had just returned from a semester abroad. “I became enthralled with the deep history of South Africa. Reading stories of reconciliation overcoming a history plagued with apartheid resonated with my heart and I knew then that I wanted to hear the perspective of the people who lived there. The service learning aspect also played a big part in drawing me towards the program,” said Hams.


Service learning is the foundation of the South Africa Service Learning study abroad program. Every student is enrolled in one academic course called “Grassroots Leadership” that requires service-learning in a non-profit site in  Cape Town. Nate was placed in a site related to his communications major. He was working with the South African Council of Churches (SACC), an umbrella organization for churches united in the fight against the apartheid system. “I was able to help them obtain a social media and internet presence by creating a Facebook page, in addition to a website. From a public relations perspective, this gave me experience in establishing relationships with potential donors, which will help down the road as I pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.”


Marquette is proud to be one of the few Universities partnered with the University of the Western Cape, where Nate, and all members of the South Africa Service Learning Program, complete their studies. Marquette students are typically required to complete their final 30 credit hours on campus. Nate feared this would interfere with his opportunity to go abroad but, the SASL program allows credits to count towards senior residency. The University of Western Cape also offers numerous classes that are equivalents to classes at Marquette.


Nate shared his greatest take away from the program, "My time in South Africa ultimately shaped the perspective that I have on life. When you read the works of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, there is this central theme taht we as humans are inherently meant to love another. When you center your life around this idea of promoting social harmony through reconciliation and love, life starts to elucidate meaning and purpose. My heart had never felt more full than when i was in Cape Town."






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