Deadline extended! Apply by April 1 to experience U.S. higher education for a summer at Marquette University! Launching July 7 - July 27, 2019.

Program Overview

Spend three weeks at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin studying topics such as international business and U.S. history, and honing your English language skills. Immerse yourself in U.S. culture while you explore the city of Milwaukee and live in Marquette's residence halls. This program is open to undergraduate students at Marquette’s partner institutions. 

Courses and Housing

Marquette class in session

Students select from several course options, taking up to 6 credits. 


Choose one morning option:

  • United States in the Twentieth Century (3 credits). This course focuses on modern American history, with special emphasis placed on the Progressive era reforms, the New Deal, the expanding role of the U.S. in world affairs, and the social, political, and cultural shifts that stemmed from the Civil Rights movement. We will pay particular attention to patterns of reform and reaction, and will assess how the developments of the twentieth century measure up to the ideals put forth during the nation’s founding.
  • Grammar for Academic Purposes (3 credits). Grammar for Academic Purposes is designed to help develop your academic grammar, punctuation, and mechanics skills according to standard American English (SAE). The course provides instruction and practice in areas that typically remain problematic for advanced ESL learners. The focus will be on refining and applying grammar knowledge to academic writing.

Choose one afternoon option:

  • Global Environment of Business (3 credits). This course will help participants understand how business, government, and society interact in addressing social issues domestically and internationally.  Upon course completion, students should be able to: Recognize the fundamental principles, generalizations, and theories of business and society that dominate current global entrepreneurial environments; Assess the roles of multinational corporations in the global economy and their ability to address social challenges; Understand the role of ethics in managing the interface between business and the rest of society; Understand the role of social entrepreneurship in addressing social challenges; Recognize when and how corporations address social issues effectively; Think about the role that consumers play in demanding corporations to be more socially responsive; Recognize the interconnectedness of emerging issues with the existing global business environment; Apply the critical thinking framework commonly used in business to understand how business approaches the wide range of social issues confronting businesses today and is likely to confront them in the future.
  • Listening & Speaking (3 credits). Listening and Speaking is designed to introduce you to the advanced listening comprehension and speaking ability needed for success in the U.S. university context. The course provides you with extensive training and practice in understanding, interpreting, evaluating, and applying information from lectures, group work, presentations, and other aural sources. It offers you training and practice with vocabulary, syntax, notetaking, and summary writing. Also, it seeks to increase your skills in spoken English through whole class discussions, group discussions, group oral presentations, and pronunciation instruction.

Housing and Food (included in program cost)

  • On-campus residence halls
  • 3 meals per day


  • Weekend trip to Chicago 

Explore Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Map with star

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is located two hours from Chicago and is home to 10 Fortune 500 companies. The city offers 10 miles of lakefront and 15,000 acres of parks, bike paths and beaches. Milwaukee is often called a big small town. Vibrant and cosmopolitan yet accessible and friendly, it offers everything for your social life, including cultural activities, great restaurants, sports, music, and performance and visual arts. Learn more about our city.

Program Costs

The estimated program cost varies depending on the total number of credits selected. 

  • Tuition: $710 per credit
  • Program fee: $1,482 per student (includes health insurance)

Airfare, books, and all out-of-pocket expenses are not included in this estimate.

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