The Ombuds and Marquette's Mission

The mission of the ombuds is to provide a confidential, neutral and informal resource to facilitate resolutions to workplace concerns of faculty and staff. In performing this mission, the ombuds serves as an information and communication resource, upward feedback channel, adviser, dispute resolution expert, and change agent.

The practices of the Office of the Ombuds manifest the university’s mission and identity in various ways:

  • Cura personalis: Each visitor is treated with care and respect. The ombuds listens, helps to identify and evaluate visitors’ options for dealing with troublesome matters, makes appropriate referrals, provides information on university policies and procedures, and works to facilitate a fair resolution of issues.
  • Justice: While not taking sides in a dispute, the Office of the Ombuds embodies Marquette’s commitment to justice by advocating for fair processes and their consistent implementation.
  • Excellence: The Office of the Ombuds contributes to organizational excellence by informally bringing concerns and issues to the attention of decision-makers (with visitors’ permission) and by formally raising organizational issues to enhance the university’s self-reflection and continuous improvement processes.