Lauren Burke Executive Producer (414) 288-4867
Dwayne Burtin Web Producer (414) 288-4786
Alexander Busbee Interactive Marketing Designer (414) 288-4866
Timothy Cigelske Director of Integrated Content (414) 288-4864
Abby Cole Communication Specialist (414) 288-6195
Kevin Conway Associate Director of University Communication (414) 288-4745
Megan DeRaleau Project Specialist, Graduate School (414) 288-0202
Steve Filmanowicz Director of Editorial Projects (414) 288-4182
Doug Frohmader Creative Director (414) 288-5524
Amanda Gottheardt Project Specialist (414) 288-0298
Sharon Grace Director of Creative Services (414) 288-4790
Jan Harwig Web Coordinator (414) 288-5867
Joan Holcomb Assistant Creative Director (414) 288-5751
Daria Kempka Director of Digital Strategy (414) 288-0385
Sarah Koziol Editor (414) 288-4744
Jesse Lee Senior Communication Specialist, Health Sciences (414) 288-4984
Martha Maxwell Project Specialist (414) 288-1989
Dave Murphy Vice President (414) 288-4810
Karen Parr Art Director (414) 288-6396
Sara Pforr Director of Administrative Services (414) 288-7515
Tom Pionek Assistant Vice President of Marketing (414) 288-0303
Jennifer Russell Director of Marketing Projects (414) 288-4870
Lynn Griffith Senior Director of University Communication (414) 288-4719
Tracy Staedter Assistant Editor/Writer (414) 288-1980
Christopher Stolarski Associate Director of University Communication (414) 288-1988
Brad Stratton Senior Editor of Presidential Communication (414) 288-4181
Stacy Tuchel Office Associate (414) 288-7452
Emily Timmons Advertising Specialist (414) 288-1987
Shelby Williamson Senior Communication Specialist (414) 288-6712
Zilber Hall

About OMC

Marquette University's Office of Marketing and Communication promotes the academic reputation of Marquette and tells the Marquette story to all audiences through traditional media, social media, print publications, video, web and interactive.

We are a team of 30 professional writers, designers, marketers, Web developers and communication specialists, led by Vice President Dave Murphy, that serves the Marquette community.

Annual Report 2019

OMC Annual Report 2019View our current Annual Report which highlights the work we do to boost the academic reputation of Marquette and tells the Marquette story. Also view our accessible version of the 2019 Annual Report.

Contact us

To ask a question or get more information, call (414) 288-7448. Or contact a staff member.