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November 1, 2018 - As a reminder, please be aware that Marquette will be increasing its animal per diems as of July 1, 2019. Below you will find the projected increases and the effective dates. These figures may be subject to change:


July 1, 2019

$ 0.19

$ 0.36

July 1, 2020

$ 0.20

$ 0.37

July 1, 2021

$ 0.22

$ 0.38

July 1, 2022

$ 0.23

$ 0.39

July 1, 2023

$ 0.25

$ 0.40

July 1, 2024

$ 0.26

$ 0.42

Letter from the Director Fall 2018

Letter from the Director Summer 2018

Letter from the Director Spring 2018

Letter from the Director Fall 2017

February 2016 - In an effort to maintain compliance with federal, state, and university rules and regulations for animal welfare, the Animal Care & Use Program will be updating the way animal health and wellbeing concerns are reported and recorded. Starting February 1, 2016 when a health concern is noted by the animal resource center you will receive an e-mail with an attached PDF form (Animal Health Report). This report will be completed by either the Animal Resource Center (ARC) Director, Supervisor, or Technician. The completed report will be sent to the PI and/or PIs staff responsible for the animal and a copy will be sent to the consulting veterinarian. The consulting veterinarian will have an opportunity to review and/or add comments and notes to the form. The PI and/or PIs staff will also have the opportunity to review, and in most cases, add comments and notes before sending the report back to the ARC staff member that completed it. The completed report with the PI and/or PIs staff comments will then be kept on file in the ARC office. The ARC will continue to utilize the "health check" cards that are placed on the cages. The added form will allow for us to better communicate and monitor the animals that need our attention.

January 2016 - 2016 Update for the Guidelines and Policy for Animal Procurement and Purchasing.

September 2014 - Animal Care and Use Program: update presentation to all animal users.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Research Compliance, in cooperation with and in support of the Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee, is to facilitate safe and ethical research conducted by Marquette faculty, staff and students in the areas of human subjects, animal subjects, radiation safety and biosafety.