Current Animal Care Per Diem

Animal As of July 1, 2018
Rats (Per Animal) $0.18
Mice (Per Cage) $0.35
SPF/QA Mice (Per Animal) $0.44
Commercial Rates (Rats) $0.28/day/animal
Commercial Rates (Mice) $0.15/day/animal

Future rate increases will depend on inflation rates.

November 1, 2018 - As a reminder, please be aware that Marquette will be increasing its animal per diems as of July 1, 2019. Below you will find the projected increases and the effective dates. These figures may be subject to change:


July 1, 2019

$ 0.19

$ 0.36

July 1, 2020

$ 0.20

$ 0.37

July 1, 2021

$ 0.22

$ 0.38

July 1, 2022

$ 0.23

$ 0.39

July 1, 2023

$ 0.25

$ 0.40

July 1, 2024

$ 0.26

$ 0.42

Updated 10/31/2018

Animal Resource Center Services

The Animal Resource Center provides the following services:

Service Charge
Approval of all animal purchases as well as receiving of new animals with coordination and preparation of animal shipping and transportation. No Charge
Basic animal husbandry - providing water, standard feed, bedding and cage maintenance (cage changing and washing). ARC will add the additional cost to the Per Diem if specialized food diet, liquid diet or specialized bedding is needed and purchased by the ARC.
Daily animal health checks including an annual health screening on all animal colonies housed for 6 weeks or more at the ARC. Heath screening - the ARC staff will prepare animals needed (beyond the annual health screening) for shipment (example; animals received from other institutions that need to be quarantined). The PI is responsible for providing the animal(s) for testing, shipping of the animal(s), and cost of testing. Projected costs for animal testing: IDEXX RADIL Mouse Clinical $90.30 Rat Clinical $95.15 MNX Express shipping Estimated shipping - $425.00
General maintenance of animal rooms, surgery rooms and supporting husbandry rooms (not including surgical equipment). No Charge
Provide PI's animals with standard caging and bottle needs. The ARC does not supply specialized caging or watering systems needs but, will maintain supplies if purchased by the PI.
Training for PI's, students, animal caretakers, and support staff. The ARC will also provide training sessions on selected topics when needed or desired. No charge
Animal euthanasia under emergency circumstances only and with prior PI and Veterinarian approval. Veterinary medical attention/treatment to any animal in need. No charge Non-emergency situations $15.00/hour The PI is responsible to treat his/her animal(s) under the guidance of the veterinarian.
Record keeping of daily activities in animal rooms (work charts and temperature charts). No Charge PI's are responsible to maintain monthly census records to account for all animal usage. The ARC will perform a once a month animal census adjustment if/when needed.




Schroeder Complex

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Research Compliance, in cooperation with and in support of the Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee, is to facilitate safe and ethical research conducted by Marquette faculty, staff and students in the areas of human subjects, animal subjects, radiation safety and biosafety.