February 22, 2000

At today’s reception we celebrate some of the scholarship and creativity of Marquette faculty, staff and alumni throughout the last century, and we eagerly anticipate the coming century. From what you read in this booklet, who can imagine the scope and importance of the work Marquette people will do during the coming hundred years?

In addition, this gathering honors the recipient of the Lawrence G. Haggerty Faculty Award for Research Excellence, as well as recognizes the prestigious prize itself and its namesake, Mr. Haggerty. Presented for the first time today, the award will certainly be regarded as a distinguishing mark of faculty excellence in research and scholarship during the coming hundred years.

This program lists much of the published scholarship, grant awards, and major honors and distinctions among Marquette’s faculty and acknowledges similar research-oriented achievements among alumni. These scholarly accomplishments are numerous and significant; however, the listing is incomplete in two ways. First, it only reflects scholarship, which constitutes one-third of the professional responsibilities expected of a faculty member. Although teaching and service are not honored here today, faculty pedagogy is recognized through the Robert and Mary Gettel and Reverend John P. Raynor, S. J., Awards for Teaching Excellence. Second, the list of faculty accomplishments is extensive but is not comprehensive, and while the alumni listing provides only a sampling of individuals’ outstanding accomplishments, excluding remarkable records in many non-scholarly pursuits. It is noted that the careers of some alumni have been recognized more fully over the years through various Alumni Association awards.

Given limitations, it is likely that some deserving individuals have been omitted and others have incomplete or incorrect citations in the program listing. Apologies are extended to anyone whose work has not been properly recognized; just as scholarship is a work always in progress, so is the compilation of a list like the one that follows. To improve the completeness and correctness of the listing, you are invited to submit to the Graduate School the names of individuals and titles of works and honors that have been omitted or wrongly cited so that additions and changes can be made to the database. For your convenience, a copy of the program and instructions for submitting data on-line can be found on the Internet at https://www.marquette.edu/orsp, which is the website for Marquette’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

The list’s shortcomings aside, it strives to highlight faculty recognized for published and/or researched work accomplished during their tenures at Marquette; alumni are acknowledged for scholarly and creative accomplishments during their entire careers. In cases where faculty graduated from

Marquette, the list identifies these individuals under faculty and includes data regarding graduation and scholarship. College and departmental designations for both faculty and alumni reflect those in use today.

Lastly, it is significant to indicate that inclusion in the program listing, as well as faculty and alumni invitations to today’s reception, were based upon the following specific categories reflecting scholarly activities or honors:







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