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About Us

Marquette University recognizes that you are a very important partner in your studentʼs success in college. The Parent Program, coordinated through the Office of Student Development helps you stay connected to campus life and serves as your ongoing resource throughout your studentʼs college career.

The Parent Program began in the Office of Student Development in 2012 as part of an institutional priority to improve communications with parents and families of Marquette students. The mission of the Parent Program is to connect parents and families of Marquette students to the university so that they may support their studentʼs success.


The Marquette Parent Program, in collaboration with Marquette educators, offers resources to parents and guardians of current Marquette students.  These initiatives support student learning by:


Goals for Parents

Parents understand their important role as coaches and role models. They empower their students to take personal responsibility for their academics, relationships, and all aspects of their lives. They provide support in the form of listening whenever possible.

Parents maintain open communication with their students about difficult life decisions and promote positive choices regarding alcohol/drugs, healthy eating and sleeping habits, time management, coping with stress and conflict, and personal relationships.

Parents understand the variety of resources available to students at Marquette and empower their students to use these resources to solve problems and enhance the quality of their lives.

Parents take opportunities to engage with Marquette University, share their Marquette experiences, and serve as natural ambassadors for the institution.


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