Business Leaders: Get Involved!

The Pastoral Leadership in a Cultural Context program centers around quarterly, two or three day summit meetings, at which cohort members come together to study and reflect upon cultural issues of pressing concern to their work of pastoral ministry.

An important goal of the summits is to bring pastoral leaders into dialogue with business leaders, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the pressing social and cultural issues facing the people of Wisconsin, to build a network with business leaders and achieve a level of comfort in interacting with them, and to learn effective leadership skills and strategies from experienced leaders.

We are looking for local business leaders who are passionate about working to improve their communities; experienced leaders and problem solvers; businessmen and women who understand the value of dialogue between faith and culture, who are committed to social justice in Wisconsin.

Do you have a leadership strategy, or experience you would like to share? Has your business experience given you some insight into the cultural challenges facing your community, customers and colleagues? Are there issues unique to the business world you would like the religious leaders in your community to know? .

Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming involved in the program. We’ll contact you with more information and to discuss further steps.

Thank you!