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The Pastoral Leadership in a Cultural Context program centers around quarterly, two or three day summit meetings, at which cohort members come together to study and reflect upon cultural issues of pressing concern to their work of pastoral ministry.

The program seeks to address not only the personal faith formation of the participating ministers, but also to support and enhance their vocations as leaders of leaders in the wider community where faith and culture often collide. Of course, they need not collide: the concerns of social justice in the community are shared by all. Thus an important goal of the summits is to bring pastoral leaders into dialogue with community leaders, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the pressing social and cultural issues facing the people of Wisconsin, from their particular experience and viewpoint.

We are looking for local civic leaders who are passionate about social justice in their communities, who have insights into these issues gleaned from their experience in public service, effective leaders who understand the value of dialogue between faith and culture for the common good.

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