Each year, Marquette University devotes the first week in February to the exploration of its Catholic and Jesuit mission. Mission Week involves all of the colleges of the university, and its worship, educational and service programs. The week’s activities offer all members of the Marquette community the opportunity to reflect deeply on the Catholic, Jesuit mission that animates Marquette.

Mission Week 2015 was a partnership between Marquette University and Catholic Relief Services.

Who Cares? Charity, Justice, and the Quest for the Common Good: A Partnership with Catholic Relief Services

The Mission Week 2015 theme, Who Cares? Charity, Justice and the Quest for the Common Good, guided our week of activities to reflect on how the Marquette community, can compassionately respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers locally and internationally.

For this celebration and exploration, accomplished CRS professionals from a variety of disciplines and locales joined us to together explore the frontiers of head and heart needed to create a more just and humane world.

Mission Week 2015 consisted of 40 activities spread over six days. Over 3,000 people participated in these activities and Mission Week messaging highlighting this partnership between CRS and Marquette reached over 14,400 people.

You can scroll through the week's photos below and browse all of the week's activities on on the archived Mission Week 2015 website.

Mission Week 2015

Mission Week Planning Guide

Hosting a week-long celebration of your university's mission in partnership with CRS is a great way to start or enhance student, faculty, and institutional collaboration with CRS at your university.

Download the Mission Week 2015 Planning Guide and Review to learn about what we did at Marquette and how to get started on planning a similar event at your university.