Peace Works Benefits


Students learn skills linked with academic success and integral for social success.

Peace Works teaches students skills such as positive communication, anger management, stress management, conflict resolution and goal setting. These skills have real-world applications, including solving conflicts with peers, making positive contributions in the community and setting personal learning goals.

"The things we talk about help me with my coping skills. I can handle situations when I get angry or I can avoid many situations." — Student

"My behavior lately has been improving. I learn how to look at people in a different way." — Student

"When we leave the class, we are kind and calm." — Student


Teachers learn how to promote positive communication and social well-being in their classroom.

Teachers receive individualized training and support from Peace Works staff to integrate activities into their curriculum and classroom management strategies. These activities reinforce the cognitive and communication skills students learn in Peace Works.

"I have learned that peace education is necessary to have in a classroom. The students are able to communicate better because they feel more comfortable around their peers." — Teacher

"Peace Works has helped me to be a more 'peaceful' teacher when communicating with my students. I am learning to treat them with more sensitivity and respect." — Teacher


Administrators receive support in building a safe and inclusive school environment.

School administrators meet with Peace Works staff to review program data and suggest ways to effectively embed peacemaking as a practical, sustainable, thriving reflection of school culture and climate.

"The Marquette University Peace Works program has an impact on the school as a whole. As I walked in on sessions from time to time, the way students would open up and share was amazing! It was evident that genuine trust and a rapport had been established. The fact that students would request to go to the Peace Works group was in itself a living statement of value at SEC."
— Principal, Southeastern Education Center