Goals and objectives

The Peace Works program aims to reduce and even transform violence and other delinquent behaviors while encouraging the formation of peacemakers by training teachers and students in conflict resolution, reducing the number of disruptive behavioral incidents, transforming the individual student, and improving the qualitative climate of the community.

Below is a collection of sample goals and objectives we have used in past implementations of Peace Works across various school settings.

General goals and objectives for Peace Works:

  • Staff and students will form a working definition of respect and model respectful behavior.
  • Staff and students will learn listening and conflict resolution skills.
  • Students will learn basic mediation skills.
  • Students will understand that peacemaking is highly participative and conflict resolution skills can be used to handle a variety of situations.
  • Staff and students will establish a restorative justice and peer mediation structure to handle conflicts.

Goals and objectives for alternative schools:

  • Students will demonstrate a decreased rate of suspensions.
  • Students will demonstrate progress toward learning goals.
  • Students will demonstrate improved attendance.