The Holy Spirit and the Church: Ecumenical Reflections with a Pastoral Perspective

Edited by Rev. Thomas Hughson, S.J.

The Holy Spirit and the ChurchAdvancing strong, scholarly discussion on the Holy Spirit and the church in the context of the ecumenical movement, six theologians in five different churches offer new theological and pastoral insights into the work of the Holy Spirit in the churches of Christianity, in ecumenism, and in witness. This book draws from, and is applicable to, clergy formation, preaching, lay discipleship, church-world relations, social mission, congregational life, grass-roots ecumenical cooperation, and witness to Christ and the gospel by racial minorities.

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Peacemaking and the Challenge of Violence in World Religions

Edited by Irfan A. Omar and Michael K. Duffey

Peacemaking and the Challenge of Violence in the World ReligionsWritten by top practitioner-scholars who bring a critical yet empathetic eye to the topic, this textbook is a comprehensive exploration of the history, beliefs and practices around peace and violence in Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Native American religions.

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Jesus Christ, Peacemaker: A New Theology of Peace

by Terrence J. Rynne

Jesus Christ, PeacemakereA new theology of peace that renders the just war theory near mute by making Jesus and his teachings the cornerstone of both theory and practice.

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Connecting Jesus to Social Justice: Classical Christology and Public Theology

by Rev. Thomas Hughson, S.J.

Connecting Jesus to Social JusticeMany Christians see the societal dimension of their faith as a matter of biblical and social ethics. Returning to classical Christology, this book explores messianic potential in the Council of Chalcedon on the divine identity of Christ, argues a doctrinally traditional, orthodox basis for Christian participation in the public sphere on behalf of social justice, and addresses a situation internal to churches in the U.S. from a Catholic perspective yet not without analogies in other churches and Christian movements.

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Gandhi and Jesus: The Saving Power of Nonviolence

by Terrence J. Rynne

Gandhi and JesusGandhi and Jesus is an insightful look at Christian salvation in light of Gandhi's idea of nonviolent resistance. While Christianity has described salvation as "Jesus making satisfaction for humanity's sin," this has paradoxically led to an increase in and acceptance of violence. To Gandhi, however, a commitment to nonviolence was at the center of what Jesus taught, lived and died for and influenced his own teachings on satyagraha. Reflecting on what Gandhi, a confirmed Hindu, took from the life and teachings of Jesus is very illuminating.

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