Below is a complete list of recipients of the Center for Peacemaking's summer peacemaking fellowships for students.


  • Brenda Brambila - Internship with Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)
  • Claire Guinta - Nonviolent Peaceforce UN Shadowing
  • Erica Ness - Building Peace in Latin America
  • Abigail Krieck - Casa Romero Summer Internship: Teaching Peace through Passion
  • Steven Vickers - Enduring Emotional Scars: The Human Cost of Political Violence in Ireland and Italy
  • MaryRose Weatherton - Researching gun violence as a public health epidemic
  • Kaitlyn Daly, Sundus Jaber, Dianne Marshall, Jonathan Owens, and Caroline Redick - Christian-Muslim Relations in Milwaukee


  • David Dalton - Toward the Sounds of Peace: Conversations with U.S. Armed Forces Veterans about the Power of Nonviolence (story)
  • Margaret Grace - The Psychology and Spanish Elective Opportunity (PASEO) Program in Peru
  • Brianna Hawkins - Women Are...
  • Maggie Stang - Bee the Change (story)
  • Cate Sullivan-Konyn - Little Friends for Peace (story)
  • Nick Truog - SOA Watch Internship


  • Jenny Garbarz - Capturing the Voices of the Voiceless (story)
  • Claudia Grabowski - Readings of Peace
  • Araceli Pantoja - MUM: Women Against Domestic Violence (story)
  • Miguel Sanchez - Nonviolent Peacemaking with Youth in Rural Mexico (story)


  • Gillian Hallissey - 4Her North Dakota (story)
  • Mary Klauer - Restorative Justice
  • Emily Landes - Centro arte para la paz (story)
  • Austin Reece - The Binding of God: Philosophical Interpretations of the Akedah and the Problem of Guilt


  • David Angel - Themes of Peace: Analysis of Interviews with Transnational Arab-American Muslim Youth
  • Mallory Daily - Crafting Confianza
  • Ciara McHugh - Mná Síochána: Women & Peace In Northern Ireland
  • Sally Nadeau - Peaceful Effects of Music and Dance in Pre- and Post-Genocide Rwanda
  • Bridget Norris - Rwandan Perspectives of Women
  • Marisola Xhelili - The Gandhi of the Balkans: Ibrahim Rugova's Strategy of Nonviolent Resistance
  • Jisun Yoo - Community Peaceamaking through Public Health and Local Government Interaction


  • Nadreen Bagoun and Alexandra Newell - Ka Joog Means Stay Away Project
  • Claire Wild Crea - Peace in Las Delicias Project
  • Sarah Lauer, Anne O'Meara and Daryn Peres - Pine Ridge Restorative Justice Circles Project
  • Ciara McHugh - If Walls Could Talk....: A Photographic Exploration of the Murals of Belfast and Derry
  • Rachel Winegardner - Audio Stories of Reconciliation in Nicaragua
  • Justine Shorter - Roses in Concrete
  • Kelsey Simkins - Growing Peace


  • Katie Hansen - Finding a Means for Peace in the Home
  • Emily Hoffmann - Hitting Home: Addressing the Issue of Domestic Violence through Nonviolence Education
  • Nora Kennelly - Peacemaking in Palestine
  • Sean O'Reilly - Hope for Kakuma
  • Vincent Stevenson - Violence as Felt: An Analysis on the Subjectivity of the Victimizer
  • Leah Todd - Ahimsa: Perspectives on Today's India by a Backpack Journalist


  • Elizabeth Bailey and Kathleen Scott - expanded YCCP in to PACE, a nonviolent conflict resolution program in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Colleen O'Connor - started a library in Kenya


  • Elizabeth Bailey, Elizabeth Benninger, and Kathleen Scott - created the Youth Cultural Connection Program in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Emma Cotter - nonviolent activism in Israel - Palestine
  • Amanda Griedl - internship with the Social Change Assistance Trust in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Christopher Jeske - produced a documentary on race relations in Kirkwood, Mo
  • Lovette Merchant - internship with the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • Molly Ryan - photography in New Orleans, LA


  • Stewart L. Cloer, II - research nonviolent solutions to Iran's perceived nuclear threat at the University of Chicago
  • Katie Coldwell - internship with Casa Maria (Milwaukee Catholic Worker)
  • Becky Goossen - internship with the Milwaukee Urban Ecology Center
  • Christina Klose - worked on Center for Peacemaking website
  • Erin Kuecker - internship at the Genocide Intervention Network in Washington D.C.
  • Theresa Lauer - internship with Finca del Nino in Trujillo, Honduras
  • Kerry McGrath - wrote a paper comparing the peace process in Northern Ireland and South Africa
  • Adam Prom - internship with Catholic Relief Services
  • Annie Weiler - internship with Center for Peacemaking
Student Fellows
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