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The Philosophy Minor is an excellent complement to almost any major. As in the case of the Philosophy major, the skills developed in the minor enhance analytical, critical and interpretive capacities that are applicable to any subject-matter, and in any human context. Studying Philosophy cultivates the capacities and appetite for self-expression and reflection, for exchange and debate of ideas, for life-long learning, and for dealing with problems for which there are no easy answers.

Requirements for the Philosophy Minor:

21 hours (7 courses) including either PHIL 1000 or 4000, 1001, 3410, and 2310.

The following Interdisciplinary Minors involve a strong philosophical component. Many of the courses are taught by Philosophy Faculty.

Ethics Minor:

Explore the moral dimensions of human life. Develop critical analysis skills for ethical dilemmas in your personal and professional lives. This minor prepares graduates not only for the modern workplace, but for the world in its most urgent and deepest complexity. More information can be found here.



Medieval Studies Minor:

Go medieval. Introduce yourself to the major movements and achievements of the Latin Christian West from approximately A.D. 500 to 1500. This minor integrates courses in English, foreign languages, literature, history, philosophy, and theology. More information can be found here.

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