Current Graduate Students


David Abergel, M.A. Student

 photo of daniel adsett

Daniel Adsett, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology and Existentialism; 20th Century German Philosophy

Past Education: St. Thomas University, BA; Memorial University, MA



Andy Ashenden, Ph.D. Student


Nathan Blackerby, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Mediaeval Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Logic

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Linguistics, The University of Akron


Connor Borchert, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Human Person, Singularity, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Theology, Xavier University; M.A. in Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University


Dalton Bouzek, M.A. Student


Peter Burgess, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (esp. Husserl), Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Roosevelt University; M.A. Philosophy, Marquette University



Tyler Colewell, Ph.D. Student


Anthony Dittus, M.A. Student

Interests: Systematic Aristo-Thomistically grounded ethics, jurisprudence, and political philosophy, Historical Ancient Philosophy, Military History, and beer

Past Education: Ava Maria University, BA Philosophy and Theology, MA Theology



Melady Elifritz, Ph.D. Student


Dana Fritz, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (esp. Heidegger), Sartre’s Existentialism, connection between Heidegger and Karol Wojtyla, Personhood (esp. in light of disabilities), Ethics and Disabilities

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Sociology, Eastern Kentucky University; M.A. Humanities, University of Chicago


Trevor Gullion, Ph.D. Student


Thomas J. Hansberger, Ph.D. Student

Interests: German Idealism, Phenomenology

Past Education: B.A. History; Philosophy, University of Chicago; M.A. Philosophy, Loyola University - Chicago


Brandon Henrigillis, Ph.D. Student


Jason Huvar, M.A. Student

 photo of rayann

Rayann Jaber, M.A Student

Interests: Arabic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy

Past Education: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Marquette


Jered Janes, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, 19-20th Century German Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy and the History of Mathematics, St. John’s College


Albertus Joni, M.A. Student

Interests: Christian philosophy, hermeneutics, digital ethics

Past Education: Bachelor: Pontifical Faculty of Theology Wedhabakti, Indonesia - Master of Humanities: Universitas Sanata Dharma - Indonesia


Bentley Kennedy-Stone, Ph.D. Student


Sarah Kizuk, Ph.D Student

Interests: Social/Political; Feminism; Emotions and Affect; Settler Colonialism; Early Modern

Past Education: BA Concordia University (Montréal, Canada), MA Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)



Sterling Knox, M.A. Student

Interests: Turtle Island Philosophy, Social-Political, Philosophy of Race, Ernst Cassirer, and Heidegger

Past Education: Bemidji State Alum


Nick Korchowsky, M.A. Student

Interests: Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics, Moral Psychology, Metaphysics

Past Education: BA Philosophy, Eastern University


Seth Kreeger, M.A. Student


Fr. Andrew Linn, Ph.D. Student


Philip T.L. Mack, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Race and Racism, Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Classical American Pragmatism, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Art

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Ripon College; M.A. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Ryan Mahoney, M.A. Student


Keisha Martin, Ph.D. Student


Rachel McNealis, Ph.D Student


E. R. Meeks, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Forgiveness, Suffering, Moral Philosophy, and Applied Ethics

Past Education: Eestern Carolina University: B.A. Philosophy and Religion, Trinity College Dublin: M. Phil. Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation


 photo of mehrzad moin

Mehrzah Moin, M.A. Student

Interests: 19th and 20th Century German Philosophy (Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Heidegger); Phenomenology and Existentialism; Philosophy of Death and Dying

Past Education: BA Philosophy, Oklahoma State


Jorge Montiel, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Latino/a and Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Phenomenology (Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty), Post-Colonialism

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Northeastern Illinois University


Rory O'Donnell, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Plato, Neoplatonism, Metaphysics, Aquinas

Past Education: BA Philosophy and Theology- Christendom College MA Philosophy Loyola Marymount University



Nicholas Oschman, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Medieval Arabic Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Kant

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University


Robert Powers, Ph.D Student


Cameron Roman, Ph.D. Student


Timothy Rothhaar, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (Marion, Levinas), Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Marcel), Continental Philosophy of Religion

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Duquesne University; M.A. Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville


Bob Riordan, Ph.D. Student

Interests: My philosophical interests include existentialism, philosophy of mind, and ethics. My personal interests include mountain biking, alpine skiing, kayaking, and backpacking

Past Education: B.A. Saint Olaf College; M.A. University of Chicago


Mark Schulz, Ph.D. Student


Jeffery Smeland, Ph.D. Student


Philip Sutherland, S.J., Ph.D. Student

Interests: Ancient, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, social/political

Past Education: MA Philospohy, Loyola University Chicago, MDiv and STL, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry


Nathaniel Taylor, Ph.D. Student


Jacob Terneus, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Past Education: BA Liberal Arts, Wyoming Catholic College MA, Classics, University of Kentucky


John Tigatiga, M.A. Student

 photo of dustin trampe

Dustin Trampe, Ph.D. Student

Interests: History; historicity and reason; philosophical hermeneutics; disagreement

Past Education: BA UW-Milwaukee MA Theology Marquette


Domonique Turnipseed, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Social & Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Critical Race Theory

Past Education: BA-Columbia International University(Humanities), MA Columbia International University (Theological Studies), MA Biola University (Philosophy), MA Biola University (Theological Studies) 



Shaila Wadhwani, Ph.D. Student


Damon Watson, Ph.D. Student


Kyle (Robert) Whitaker, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminism, Hume, Kant, Peirce


 photo of nathan wiley

Nathan Wiley, M.A. Student

Interests: Social and Applied Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Critical Philosophy of Race

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Geneva College; Alma Mater Europaea University & the Global Center for Advanced Studies


Marisola Xhelili Ciaccio, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Personal Identity, Moral Psychology, Virtue Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Government; Philosophy, Skidmore College

 photo of yardley

Brett Yardley, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Social Epistemology/Testimony | Arabic/Latin Medieval Philosophy | Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions

Past Education: BA University of Georgia, MA Columbia International University