Current Graduate Students


Daniel Adsett, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy of Religion, Ontology

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, St. Thomas University; M.A., Memorial University



Nathan Blackerby, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Mediaeval Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Logic

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Linguistics, The University of Akron


Connor Borchert, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Human Person, Singularity, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Theology, Xavier University; M.A. in Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University


Alexander Bozzo, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Religion

Past Education: BA Philosophy, Taylor University


Peter Burgess, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (esp. Husserl), Philosophy of Science

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Roosevelt University; M.A. Philosophy, Marquette University


Drew Dumaine, Ph.D. Student


Kimberly Engels, Ph.D. Student

Interests: French Philosophy, Applied Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Religion; Philosophy, Luther College


Jennifer Fenton, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Music, Geneva College; M.A. Philosophy, University at Buffalo, SUNY


Tyler Friedman, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology, Post-Kantian German Thought, Philosophy of Art

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Entrepreneurship, Miami University; M.A. Philosophy, Texas A&M


Dana Fritz, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (esp. Heidegger), Sartre’s Existentialism, connection between Heidegger and Karol Wojtyla, Personhood (esp. in light of disabilities), Ethics and Disabilities

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Sociology, Eastern Kentucky University; M.A. Humanities, University of Chicago


David H. Gordon, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Evolutionary Theory, Biology, Continental and Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Environmental Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Washington & Lee University; MA Theology, University of Notre Dame; M.A. Philosophy, University of Montana


Russell Hamer, Ph.D. Student

Interests: History of Philosophy, Kierkegaard, Popular Culture, Video Games

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Creative Writing, University of Tulsa


Thomas J. Hansberger, Ph.D. Student

Interests: German Idealism, Phenomenology

Past Education: B.A. History; Philosophy, University of Chicago; M.A. Philosophy, Loyola University - Chicago


D.J. Hobbs, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Theories of Value, German Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Religion & Philosophy; M.A. Philosophy, University of Memphis, English Literature, Christian Brothers University


Jered Janes, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, 19-20th Century German Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy and the History of Mathematics, St. John’s College


Philip T.L. Mack, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Race and Racism, Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Classical American Pragmatism, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Art

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Ripon College; M.A. Philosophy, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Jennifer Marra, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Humor, Philosophy of Culture, German Philosophy, Socio-Political Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Metropolitan State University of Denver


Shaun Miller, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Sex, Love and Relationships, Irigaray, Schopenhauer, Sartre

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Physics, Utah State University


Jorge Montiel, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Latino/a and Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Phenomenology (Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty), Post-Colonialism

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Northeastern Illinois University


Matthew Nowachek, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Kierkegaard, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Ethics, Cultural Studies

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; History; Theology, Bethel University, Schloss Mittersill Study Centre


Nicholas Oschman, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Medieval Arabic Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Kant

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University


Matthew Peters, Ph.D. Student

Interests: 19th and 20th Century German Philosophy


Traci Phillipson, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Medieval Philosophy, Arabic/Islamic Philosophy, Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; English, Nazareth College of Rochester


Stephen Plecnik, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Logic, Ancient Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Belmont Abbey College


Timothy Rothhaar, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Phenomenology (Marion, Levinas), Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Marcel), Continental Philosophy of Religion

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, Duquesne University; M.A. Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville


Jennifer Soerensen, Ph.D. Student

Interests: German Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Existentialism, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy

Past Education: B.S. Biology; Philosophy, Gordon College; M.A. Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University


Timothy F. Stolz Jr., MA Student

Interests: Political/Legal Philosophy, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Leo Strauss, Carl Schmitt, Existentialism, Anti-Psychiatry, Counter-Enlightenment, Western Esoteric Philosophy, Hegel

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy; Political Science, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Gregory Trotter, Ph.D. Student

Interests: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Freudian-Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Social and Political Philosophy

Past Education: B.A. Philosophy, College of Charleston; M.A. Philosophy, Loyola University – Chicago


Damon Watson, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics

Past Education: B.A. Mathematics; Philosophy, University of Nebraska – Kearney


Robert K. Whitaker, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminism, Philosophical Theology


W. Clark Wolf, Ph.D. Student

Interests: German Idealism (esp. Hegel), Phenomenology, Metaphilosophy


Marisola Xhelili, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Personal Identity, Moral Psychology, Virtue Ethics

Past Education: B.A. Government; Philosophy, Skidmore College


Brett Yardley, Ph.D. Student

Interests: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Epistemology, Ethics