Proposed Graduate Courses

Proposed Graduate Courses for AY 2019-2021

*Phil XXXX equals seminar course; schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice; semester course offered dependent on department scheduling needs

AY 2019/2020

  • PHIL XXXX Latina Feminism (Dr. Stephanie Rivera-Berruz)
  • PHIL XXXX Critical Race and Queer Theory (Dr. Desiree Valentine)
  • PHIL 6662 Hegel (Dr. Kimberly Harris)
  • PHIL 6957 Kierkegaard (Dr. Noel Adams)
  • PHIL XXXX Aesthetics (Dr. Curtis Carter)
  • PHIL 6959 or 6470 Qualia, Consciousness, Emotions (Dr. Anthony Peressini)
  • PHIL 6620 Augustine (Dr. David Twetten)
  • PHIL 6630 Plotinus/Neo-Platonism (Fr. John Jones)
  • PHIL 6958 French Phenomenology on Personal Identity (Dr. Pol Vandevelde)
  • PHIL 6959 Self-Consciousness and Self-Knowledge (Dr. Yoon Choi)

AY 2020/2021

  • PHIL 6610 Aristotle (Dr. Owen Goldin)
  • PHIL XXXX Islamic Philosophy and Early Christian Thought (inclusive of Aquinas) (Dr. Richard Taylor)
  • PHIL XXXX Kant (or Nietzsche) (Dr. Javier Ibanez-Noe)
  • PHIL XXXX Metaphilosophy (Dr. Corinne Bloch-Mullins)
  • PHIL XXXX Philosophy of Religion (Dr. Michael Wreen)
  • PHIL XXXX Caribbean Emancipatory Thought (Dr. Stephanie Rivera-Berruz)
  • PHIL6960 Applied Philosophy-Social Basis of Responsibility (Dr. Jessica Wolfendale)
  • PHIL 6750 Philosophy of Law (Dr. Ericka Tucker)
  • PHIL 6958 Cassirer (Dr. Sebastian Luft)
  • PHIL 6959 Underside of Modernity Dr. Grant (Silva)

Alternate [e.g., sabbatical or leave]

  • PHIL XXXX History of Africana Philosophy (Dr. Kimberly Harris)
  • PHIL XXXX Philosophy of Language (Dr. Pol Vandevelde)