Tia Jandrin

Tia is currently working in the Biomechanics Laboratory with Dr. Kipp and Mr. Geiser. My current research focuses on traditional, Differential Learning and Method of Amplification of Error jump training protocols and their potential associations to ACL injury prevention. With these programs I am interested in kinetics and kinematics of the lower extremity, especially at the knee, during jumping and landing tasks. With the use of a 14-camera Vicon Motion Analysis System, force plates, Visual 3D, and MatLab I collect and analyse joint angles,forces, moments, and ground reaction forces.


About the Marquette Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

The Marquette Sports Rehabilitation Clinic (MSRC) is a full-service outpatient rehabilitation and sports medicine clinic that offers the expertise of licensed Physical Therapists and licensed Athletic Trainers with the convenience of an on-campus location. MSRC is a part of the College of Health Sciences' nationally ranked Department of Physical Therapy. MSRC primarily serves the Marquette community including students, staff, faculty and spouses/dependents of employees. MSRC does additionally welcome patients from the greater Milwaukee community at large.

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