Chris Sundberg

Christ received his B.S in Kinesiology and an M.S. degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wyoming. Chris is currently studying in the Neuromuscular Physiology of Movement Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Sandra Hunter and the Muscle Biology Laboratory working with Dr. Robert Fitts. Age-related losses of muscle mass (sarcopenia) and increased fatigability result in an impaired ability to perform common everyday activities, a loss of balance, and a decreased quality of life for the aging population. Chrisí dissertation work aims to address these issues by using innovative techniques at the level of the single muscle fiber (muscle biopsies) and within the entire neuromuscular system (magnetic and electrical stimulation procedures) to identify the mechanisms of muscle fatigue in older adults during dynamic contractions. The goal is to generate a comprehensive understanding of the fatigue process in older men and women that will translate into the design and testing of new interventions that target the identified mechanisms to improve muscle power, physical function and quality of life in the elderly.

Chrisí dissertation committee consists of:


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