General Grading Notes

Be constructive

Many TAs are most comfortable acting as a coach or consultant when commenting on weekly writing prompts and to the first submission of the formal report.

Be consistent

It is important that you use the same standard for all submissions for the same assignment. 

Be focused on improvement

Your comments, especially on the Formal Report, should be focused, offering specific areas for the student to reflect on and improve in future work.

Plan your work load so that you have your grades posted and graded work returned within one week of submission.

These criteria were developed collaboratively by the physics faculty, by our colleagues at Ohio State, Rutgers, and Stanford Universities, by previous TAs, and by representatives of the Ott Memorial Writing Center here at Marquette. If you follow these criteria, you can maintain consistent evaluation standards among and within classes.

Responding to Student Work

A student’s ability to improve their work depends on the quality and timeliness of the feedback given to them.  Therefore, we, as a TA team, will consider at length how we plan to respond to student work. 


Physics Department Mission Statement

The Physics Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate physics education and embraces the Ignation ideal of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." The Department is a community of faculty, staff and students: Faculty advance the frontiers of physics in both research and education, staff contribute their expertise in facilitating all endeavors of the department, and students participate in learning and scholarship with the guidance of the faculty.