Marquette in Milwaukee with President Mike Lovell

Marquette in Milwaukee with President Mike Lovell is a podcast that explores connections between Marquette University and the city it calls home. As an engineer who is passionate about community engagement and economic development, President Lovell and his guests will discuss the topics that will determine the future of our city.



Illuminating Intellect

Illuminating Intellect is a podcast series highlighting the personalities and pursuits of Marquette University faculty members. Hosted by Provost Dan Myers, the show is an informal discussion of topics ranging from research and scholarly work to hobbies and pop culture.



We Are Marquette

At the end of her sophomore year, Ellie Vonderhaar posted a photo on Instagram outside of Schroeder Hall. “People always ask what I love so much about Marquette,” she wrote in the caption. “And the answer is easy: the people. The people, the people, the people, the people!” So who are these people? In this podcast, we'll find out and hear the voices of Marquette University.