Barrett L. McCormick

Professor of Political Science, Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs.


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1985.


Prof. McCormick has been at Marquette University since 1984, except for two years beginning in 1991 spent at the Australian National University. He specializes in Chinese politics. His current research projects include comparative research on the impact of information technology in diverse countries and comparing the prospects for war in the contemporary Asia-Pacific with those in Europe before WWI. Previous projects include studies of the impact of commercialization and new technology on Chinese media, edited volumes and articles on U.S.-China relations [with Edward Friedman, What If China Doesn’t Democratize? (ME Sharpe, 2000)] and comparing China to Eastern Europe and East Asia [with Jonathan Unger, The Future of Chinese Socialism (ME Sharpe, 1996)]. McCormick’s publications also include Political Reform in Post-Mao China (California, 1990), and articles in journals such as The China Journal, Journal of Asian Studies, Pacific Affairs, Issues and Studies and Twenty-First Century.










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