Prof. Barrington receives 2020 Excellence in Faculty Advising Award

Dr. Lowell Barrington received the 2020 Excellence in Faculty Advising award from the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. The statement from the College pointed to his advisees' emphasis on Barrington's dedication, his genuine care, and his embodiment of the Jesuit mission of Marquette in his advising. One advisee credited Dr. Barrington for his support as an advisor stating,"I'm not sure I would be graduating this spring semester without the help of Dr. Barrington. I truly hope my letter has convinced you that what Dr. Barrington does as an advisor is something special, something that should be recognized and awarded. As another advisee put it, "Dr. B has left an indelible mark on my academic training and career. I firmly believe he empowers all those he advises and makes us better both professionally and personally, all while serving as a reminder of how we can embody our core Marquette and Jesuit values. I truly cannot express my conviction that he deserves the Excellence in Faculty Advising Award enough." Barrington joins two colleagues from the Political Science Department, Prof. Barry McCormick and Prof. Karen Hoffman, as recent winners of the Excellence in Faculty Advising award.