Graduate Event Calendar, Spring 2021

Date and Time



January 29


Charonda Oliphant, Marquette Career Services

Career Services Center Overview and Job Search Strategies

Feb. 5, 1-2:30PM

Dr. Lowell Barrington, Marquette University

MAPSS: "Is the Regional Divide in Ukraine an Identity Divide?"


Feb. 12, 3-4PM

Leatha Miles-Edmonson

Marquette Library Resources

Feb. 18, 3-4PM

Ryan McNamara

Government Affairs, Direct Supply

Local opportunities in government affairs

Feb. 25, 2-3PM

Dr. Sabina Bhatia, International Monetary Fund


Careers in international development

March 5, 1-2:30

Dr. Shale Horowitz, UW-Milwaukee

MAPSS: “Explaining War Strategies in Ethno-Territorial Wars: Guerrilla vs. Conventional Warfare."


March 17


Jeffrey Cary,

Boren Awards

Boren Fellowship

March 31, 9-10AM

Kristin Nicholson, Director,

Georgetown Governmental Affairs Institute

Careers in Washington, D.C. and on Capitol Hill

April 9, 1-2:30PM

Dr. Brian Palmer-Rubin, Marquette

MAPSS: "Accountability in Time: Evolution in Access to Information Institutions"


April 15, 3-4PM

Dr. James Wallner, R Street Institute

Jobs in Washington, D.C. and on Capitol Hill

May 7, 1-2:30PM

Dr. Paru Shah

MAPSS: “The COVID Crisis and Gendered Communication" with Amber Wichowsky (Marquette) and Amanda Heideman (UWM)


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