Milwaukee Area Political Science Seminar (MAPSS)


The Milwaukee Area Political Science Seminar (MAPSS) is a joint research venture between the Political Science Departments at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University, aimed at increased scholarly interaction across the city of Milwaukee. Seminars are held virtually at 1 pm, usually on the second Friday of each month. Questions?  Contact this year’s organizers John Reuter ( or Brian Palmer-Rubin (


Spring 2021 Schedule 


  • February 5, Lowell Barrington (Marquette), "Is the Regional Divide in Ukraine an Identity Divide?" 
  • March 5, Shale Horowitz (UWM), "Explaining War Strategies in Ethno-Territorial Wars: Guerrilla vs. Conventional Warfare" 
  • April 9, Brian Palmer-Rubin (Marquette), "Accountability in Time: Evolution in Access to information Institutions" 
  • May 7, Paru Shah (UWM), "The COVID Crisis and Gendered Communication", with Amber Wichowksy (Marquette) and Amanda Heideman (UWM) 

Fall 2020 Schedule 

  • September 18: John Reuter (UWM), “Civic Duty and Voting under Autocracy”
  • October 23: Risa Brooks (Marquette), "The Military Before the March: Autocratic Civil-Military Relations and the Emergence of Mass Protest" 
  • November 13: Sara Benesh and Ben Edelstein (UWM), "Recusal as Remedy:  Disincentivizing Donors to State Supreme Court Races"
  • December 11: Andrew Thompson (Northwestern), “Clear and Present Danger? How Group Threat Shapes Salient Political Opinions and Perceptions"

Spring 2020 Scheduele

  • February 7th @ UWM  - Phil Rocco (Marquette University) "Counting Like a State: The Politics of Partnership in the 2020 Census."
  • February 28th @ Marquette - Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago) "Identifying the Causal Effect of Truth Commissions on the Quality of Democratic Representation"
  • March 27th @ Marquette - Andrew Thompson (Northwestern University) "Clear and Present Danger? How Group Threat Shapes Opinions and Perceptions" 
  • April 24th @ UWM - Loren Collingwood (University of California, Riverside) "Sanctuary Cities: The Politics of Refuge"

Fall 2019 Schedule 

  • September 20: Julia Azari, "Weak Parties, Strong Partisanship," Venue: UWM
  • October 11 (Wilder-Crane Talk): David Peterson (Iowa State), "The Public Policy Agenda of State Legislatures: A Deep Quantification Learning Approach," Venue: UWM
  • October 18: Ivan Ascher (UWM), "Corrupting the Youth," Venue: Marquette
  • November 8 (Wilder-Crane Talk): Jessica Trounstine (UC, Merced), "You Won’t Be my Neighbor: Attitudes Underlying Segregation," Venue: UWM
  • December 13: Mark Berlin (Marquette), Venue: Marquette