Statutes on Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

Chapter 306 - Cause for Nonrenewal, Suspension, Termination

Section 306.01

The cognizant appointing authority of the University may initiate and execute procedures by which a faculty member's reappointment may be denied or revoked, or any current appointment may be suspended or terminated, for cause as defined therein. Cause may be either absolute or discretionary.

Section 306.02

Absolute cause shall include:

  1. Resignation: this shall constitute absolute cause only from and after its effective date; or
  2. An intentional failure or refusal to perform a substantial part of any assigned duties; or
  3. Death or permanent and total disability.

Section 306.03

Discretionary cause shall include those circumstances, exclusive of absolute cause, which arise from a faculty member's conduct and which clearly and substantially fail to meet the standard of personal and professional excellence which generally characterizes University faculties, but only if through this conduct a faculty member's value will probably be substantially impaired. Examples of conduct that substantially impair the value or utility of a faculty member are: serious instances of illegal, immoral, dishonorable, irresponsible, or incompetent conduct. In no case, however, shall discretionary cause be interpreted so as to impair the full and free enjoyment of legitimate personal or academic freedoms of thought, doctrine, discourse, association, advocacy, or action.