Statutes on Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

Chapter 308 - Leaves of Absence

Section 308.01

An ordinary leave is approved time off from the job, without a break in employment, for valid medical, personal, family, military or other reasons. Specific information on each type of leave is available in Business Policies and Procedures.

Leaves of absence for periods not exceeding one year may be granted upon application of the faculty member and concurrence of the University, but shall not ordinarily be subject to extension or renewal beyond one year. A faculty member on leave of absence shall be entitled only to such compensation or benefits as may be stipulated under the terms of the leave, or under the provisions of the disability or other benefit program for which he/she may be qualified; but his/her entitlement to rank, tenure, compensation and benefits upon termination of leave and return to active status shall not be prejudiced by the fact of leave, except as otherwise provided below.

Section 308.02

In case a faculty member shall be so disabled as to be temporarily incapable of performing a substantial part of his/her assigned duties, the cognizant appointing authority of the University may propose to place the faculty member on temporary indefinite disability leave for so long as such disability may continue, but not exceeding one year, relegating the faculty member, during such leave, to his/her benefits under the University disability program in lieu of contract salary.

Section 308.03

Whenever, prior to the expiration of one year of disability leave, the faculty member shall establish that he/she has recovered sufficiently to permit resumption of his/her duties on a full-time basis, he/she shall be entitled to reinstatement in active, regularly-salaried status, without prejudice to his/her rank or tenure; but reassignment to his/her former duties may be deferred as necessary to accommodate departmental adjustments over the period of leave.

Section 308.04

Whenever a faculty member shall be disabled, as above defined, for a period in excess of one year, or shall fail to resume his/her duties upon the expiration of any other period of leave granted by the University, his/her reappointment, or reinstatement in active, regularly-salaried status, shall be at the discretion of the University.

Section 308.05

Whenever a faculty member shall be notified of a proposal to place him/her in disability leave status, or whenever his/her application for reinstatement in active, regularly-salaried status shall be denied, or shall not have been acted upon after a reasonable time for consideration of the application has passed, the faculty member may, if aggrieved, have recourse, on the issue of his/her disability, to the procedures of negotiation, mediation, and hearing described in 307.03 through 307.09; but the faculty member's right to compensation and benefits during the progress of such procedures shall be initially determined under the University disability policy, subject to retroactive readjustment, where appropriate, in accordance with the outcome of such procedures.