Statutes on Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

Chapter 309 - Effective Dates, Retroactivity

Section 309.01

Except to the extent provided in Section 309.02, these articles shall be effective upon and after the date of their official promulgation; provided that all then-current appointments, and appointments and reappointments which have been accepted prior to such date of promulgation for the next academic year, shall be deemed to be amended conformably to these articles, unless either the University or the faculty member, by express notice to the other given within 30 days of such date of promulgation, declines to apply these articles to such contract.

Section 309.02

These articles shall operate retroactively so as to credit prior service of all persons holding faculty appointments as of the date of official promulgation. However, any full-time Regular Faculty member not previously tenured and with less than seven years of continuous service as a member of the full-time Regular Faculty at the time of official promulgation, who would be entitled to have tenure granted under the provisions of these articles, shall be granted tenure only upon the tender and acceptance of reappointment as a qualified Regular Faculty member for the second consecutive academic year which commences following such promulgation, or, if tenure be specifically withheld by the express terms of such reappointment, then upon tender and acceptance of reappointment for the third consecutive academic year which so commences. In each case, tenure shall be effective upon commencement of services in the academic year following qualification.