Climate study team

Members of the Climate Study Working Group represent a cross-section of campus. Team members include student, faculty and staff representatives.

  • Dr. William Welburn (Chair)
  • Jodi Blahnik
  • Nick Curtis
  • Laura McBride
  • Jennica Webster
  • Terence Miller
  • Joya Crear
  • Wendy Butler
  • Elisa Coghlan
  • Lisa Lamson
  • Sara Manjee
  • Amanda Gottheardt
  • Jacki Black
  • Latrice Harris-Collins
  • Kent Beausoleil
  • Jennifer Maney
  • Lori Montezon
  • Cindy Petrites
  • Kristen Kreple
Professor and student

More Information

For question or special needs please contact William Welburn, Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion or 414.288.8028.

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