Organization of the University

Marquette University is governed as an independent private corporate entity of the State of Wisconsin, conducted under the auspices, and consonant with the educational principles, of the Society of Jesus.

The governing board of the University consists of no fewer than 25 or more than 40 trustees, of whom no fewer than eight or more than 11 must be members of the Society of Jesus, including the president of the university.

The bylaws of the corporation provide for the following university officers in addition to the chairperson and vice chairperson(s) of the board: president, corporate vice president, secretary, treasurer, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer. The bylaws also provide for an Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, composed of the chairperson and vice chairperson(s) of the board, the president, and at least four other members of the board who are elected by the full board.

The standing orders for the board provide for four standing subcommittees: Student Experience and Academic Excellence; External Engagement; Finance and Risk; and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Full legal jurisdiction in all that pertains to the university is vested in the Board of Trustees. With the usual powers and functions belonging to such bodies, the Board of Trustees is a self-perpetuating body that possesses all financial, fiduciary and academic authority.

The president of the university is chief executive officer and reports to the Board of Trustees. The provost reports directly to the president. Vice provosts and deans report to the provost in the Academic Division. The primary operational areas of the university include: Finance; General Counsel; Public Affairs; Student Affairs; and University Advancement. A more detailed organizational outline, including the names of university staff officers and specific departments within each operational area, can be found in the university's organizational chart.