Diversity in psychology


Diversity Conference

Toress Ph.D.
Lucas Torres, Ph.D.
Co-director of the Latino Well-being Research Initiative.
Our research focuses on the broad area of mental health disparities or the burden of psychopathology experienced by members of ethnic minority groups. Specifically, projects in the mental health disparities lab have focused on examining the protective and risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, and alcohol use primarily among Latino adults.

Alyson Gerdes
Alyson Gerdes, Ph.D.
Dr. Gerdes’ research focuses on culturally-appropriate clinical practices and Latino mental health disparities. Current projects aim to increase our knowledge about culturally-appropriate assessment and treatment of childhood ADHD in Latino families.


Kristy Nielson

Kristy Nielson, Ph.D.
Dr. Nielson is a partner in a community collaboration addressing disparities in research, prevention, diagnosis, services, and support in the underserved Latino/a community in Milwaukee, WI.





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