Leticia Galindo

Leticia received her bachelor's degree from Marquette University in 2010, with majors in Psychology and Spanish Language & Literature. She is currently in her fourth year of the clinical psychology doctoral program. Broadly speaking Leticia's research interests include examining the role of cultural factors that influence psychological outcomes, both in terms of mental health and neuropsychological outcomes among ethnic minority individuals. Leticia's master's thesis examined the roles of nativity status, acculturation, acculturative stress, and ethnic identity in the development of alcohol use disorder symptoms among Mexican-Americans.  Currently, Leticia is in the process of completing her doctoral qualifying exam which is focused on exploring the idea of biculturalism serving as a protective factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease among elderly U.S. Latinos. In addition Leticia is completing a geropsychology rotation at the Milwaukee VA, and serves as a student clinician at the Marquette University-Center for Psychological Services and a part-time undergraduate class lecturer for the department. 


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