Mark Lynn

I'm currently on postdoctoral fellowship at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. I plan to transition to an academic setting after getting my license. My primary research and clinical interests involve the interplay among a variety of contextual influences on family life and their impacts on children's development. A specific area of interest for me is father involvement; I am interested in the predictors of father involvement and the unique contributions that fathers can make in their children's lives. I recently defended a dissertation examining the impacts of religion, personality, and marital conflict on father involvement and father child attachment. An additional interest, developed through my master's work, is on factors that impact parents' healthy socialization of their children's emotional lives. I am guided by an ecological model that takes into account a myriad of influences beyond those that are most easily isolated in our research models. A recent area of research and clinical interest is gay and lesbian parenting and their children's development. When all is said and done, I look forward to a career that blends teaching, research and clinical practice.

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