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Dr. Siderits has an incurable penchant for research pursuits that take years to complete (cf. Siderits, M. A., Johannsen, W. J., and Fadden, T. F. (1985). Gender, role and power: A content analysis of speech. Psychology of Women Quarterly 9 (4), 439-450.). She, therefore, openly warns students that she is in that respect a most unwholesome model. Working with an unusual format can have its own excitement, however, and she is now extending the work on role effects to an examination of gender differences in impairment of listening capacity under conditions of bilateral negotiation vs. group decision making. Her other current research interests include an investigation of the relationship between variations in physical appearance and appraisal of personality traits by observers; a study of separation from religious authority in moral evaluation; and (with a colleague in the community) a study of the relationship between Elkins' inventory of spirituality and self-reported means of coping with psychic loss.

Among her special interests as a therapist are Bossian dream analysis (cf. her article in the Journal of Phenomenological Psychology on Rehearsal in reverie: Dream exploration as the equivalent of play) and Rational Emotive Therapy.

Dr. Siderits was the first woman chair of the Committee on Faculty at Marquette and has held a variety of professional offices including the presidency of the Milwaukee Area Psychological Association, stints as secretary/treasurer of the Wisconsin Psychological Association, the state conference of the AAUP, and APA Divisions 24, 32, and 36; and a seat on the national council of the AAUP. A past newsletter editor for Division 12-IV (Clinical Psychology of Women), she currently edits the newsletter of Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology). To relax she writes an occasional poem, makes an occasional necklace, or plays an occasional air on the Renaissance lute.


Ph.D., University of Michigan

Teaching Interests

The courses Dr. Siderits teaches at Marquette include the psychology of gender roles, the psychology of religion, ethics and professional issues in clinical psychology, and various offerings in the clinical curriculum.

Research Interests

Gender, the psychology of religion, children's issues

Other Professional Activities

Selected Publications

Siderits, M. A. (1973). Selves selving: The development of a sense of self-determination. Philosophical Studies, XXI, 57-69.

McCall, R. J., & Siderits, M. A. (1974). Group therapy with obese women of varying MMPI profiles. Journal of Clinical Psychology, XXX, 466-470.

Siderits, M. A. (1975). Person vs. pigeonmonger: The variable of counteraction. Philosophical Studies: XXIII,188-197.

Siderits, M. A. (1978). We called the chessboard white: Shifts in religious and psychological values and their impact upon sexual counseling. Counseling and Values, 22(3), 140-150.

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Siderits, M.A. (2008). Journeying in twilight: Agnosticism and spirituality.  In C.A. Rayburn & L. Comas-Diaz, WomanSoul: The inner life of women’s spirituality. Westport CN: Praeger.

Siderits, M.A. (in press).  Entry on Margaret Mead and psychology of creativity, Encyclopedia of Creativity.  Elsevier: Oxford (scheduled to be published in 2011)


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