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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Lab

Recent assessment and treatment projects include extending current treatment outcome literature by examining parental functioning and clinically-meaningful change following behavioral treatment, as well as furthering our knowledge related to evidence-based assessment of ADHD and examining potential factors that may predict treatment dropout.  Recent culturally-relevant projects include determining best recruitment practices for Latino families, translating and establishing the psychometric properties of Spanish-versions of commonly-used assessment and treatment outcome measures, examining Latino parental perceptions about ADHD and the role of culture in parental problem recognition and motivation to seek help for ADHD, and developing and validating a culturally-appropriate measure of functional impairment for ADHD.  Funding from the Russell and Betty Jane Shaw Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation recently supported a study aimed at developing and piloting a culturally-adapted, evidence-based ADHD treatment for Latino families.  Funding from the National Institutes of Health is currently supporting a study aimed at comparing treatment outcomes from the culturally-adapted treatment to standard treatment.  Recent parent-child and peer relationship projects include examining parental functioning in families of children with ADHD, providing a framework for understanding the role of parental factors in child outcomes, and determining treatment outcomes following a friendship-building intervention for teens with ADHD. 

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ADHD lab group
Lunch in Canada (APA conference)
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ADHD lab group
Brunch at Trocadero
Ziplining in Costa Rica
Ziplining in Costa Rica


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