Department of Psychology


Dr. Kristy Nielson

Current topics of research

Necessary prerequisites/training

Students having already taken PSYC 2001 and PSYC 2050 preferred, but no pre-requisites — training on the job. Recommend PSYC 3320.


Minimum 2 consecutive semesters. Starting during the Junior year is particularly advantageous. Enrollment in 1 to 3 credits of PSYC 4956 per term (can be used as elective credit in the major or simply general upper division credits) and availability of at least 5-8 hours/week (in addition to a 1-hour weekly meeting) is expected.

What will this lab experience provide to students?

Rewarding aspects of working as a research assistant

Lots of experience with different tasks and skills; leadership opportunity; strong letters of recommendation for good assistants; opportunity to publish as an undergrad; be part of a great, fun, smart group!

Interested? Contact

Email Dr. Nielson for an appointment. Please attach the completed application to your email.

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