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Dr. Lucas Torres

Current topics of research

Necessary prerequisites/training

PSYC 2001 and 2050 are preferred and Spanish-speaking is not a requirement but a plus.

What will this lab experience provide to students?

Students will develop an understanding of the research literature pertaining to mental health problems among members of ethnic minority groups, particularly Latinos. Students will also gain knowledge regarding all phases of research, including idea development, data collection, data input, data analysis (using SPSS), and presentation of major findings at national/regional conferences.

Rewarding aspects of working as a research assistant

A rewarding aspect of being a research assistant is the practical and hands-on experience received in conducting research. This is invaluable when applying to graduate programs. Also, the individual mentorship and supervision received by students will help to foster their interest in psychology.

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E-mail Dr. Torres at or call his office at (414) 288-5439.


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