Department of Psychology

Infant and Child Social Development, Autism, Brain Activity (EEG) and Heart Rate Measures


Dr. Amy Van Hecke

Current research topic

Projects looking at young children (2-3 years old) recently diagnosed with autism, specifically addressing brain activity before they have intervention (in the community), and changes in brain activity after 6 months of intervention.

Necessary prerequisites/training

Experience working with children, especially with disabilities, is preferred but not required. Students must have taken PSYC 2001, and be familiar with SPSS. It is preferable that students have taken or are in the process of taking PSYC 3101. All training in brain activity and heart rate measures will be provided.


2 years or longer.

What will this lab experience provide to students?

Serve as a liaison between the community and intervention providers, collect brain activity and behavioral data, and assist with entering SPSS files. Once the study is underway, there may be additional opportunities for students to present the research at conferences.

Rewarding aspects of working as a research assistant

Gaining real-world experience in research, which can help define a career path. In addition, doing research allows you to gain skills and connect with other psychologists and agencies, which may help you in the future.

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Call Dr. Van Hecke at (414) 288-7258 or e-mail her at for more information.


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