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Simon Howard, Ph.D.

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Simon Howard, Ph.D.Marquette University

Cramer Hall, 328H

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
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Assistant Professor


Dr. Simon Howard is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psychological Social Inquiry (PSI) Lab at Marquette University. He completed his undergraduate degree at San Jose State University, where he was accepted to the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement program. As a McNair Scholar, he became interested in the empirical study of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. Dr. Howard went on to earn his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Tufts University.

Research Lab: Psychological Social Inquiry (PSI) Lab


2016 Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Tufts University

2014 M.S. in Psychology, Tufts University

2010 B.A. Behavioral Science and Psychology, San Jose State University

Courses Taught

At the undergraduate level, Dr. Howard teaches Social Psychology, the Psychology of Prejudice, and the Psychology of Race and Racism. At the graduate level, he teaches a Seminar in Social Psychology.

Research Interests

Because racist ideologies are embedded in the historical and cultural fabric of the United States, conscious and unconscious ideas of Black inferiority and anti-Blackness are widespread. Dr. Howard’s research examines how these ideas influence the psychological processes of both racial majoritzed and minoritized group members. This approach allows him to address a variety of research questions that advance our understanding of the roots and consequences of anti-Black racism. Dr. Howard uses experimental methods drawn from cognitive, perceptual, and social investigations to explore the ways race influences—often negatively—our social perception, judgment, interactions, and memory in a variety of domains (.e.g., law, education, media).

Dr. Howard is motivated by the desire to not only advance social psychological theory related to the wide range of sociocultural and psychological processes that underlie racial bias, but also to conduct research with practical implications that will have a real-world impact on institutional/systemic racism in domains such as education, the legal system, and popular media. To this end he has pursued three lines of research: (1) the intersection of psychology and law; (2) the relationship between religiosity and anti-Black attitudes; and (3) the effects of anti-Black attitudes and stereotypes on Black/African American individuals (e.g., stereotype threat).

Although Dr. Howard’s research has primarily focused on anti-Blackness he also is very much interested and currently engaged in empirical work on stereotyping and prejudice more broadly. The PSI Lab is always looking for motivated, responsible, and creative students to assist with research projects. Undergraduates in his lab assist with a wide range of duties, including library research, study design, participant recruitment, data collection, data coding/entry, and data analysis. Contact him directly for more information about earning course credit through a research assistant position.

Selected Publications

  • Howard, S., & Borgella, A.M. (in press). Are Adewale and Ngochi more employable than Jamal and Lakeisha?: The influence of Black-ethnicity cues on employment related evaluations. The Journal of Social Psychology.
  • Howard, S. (2019). Exonerees in Black and White: The influence of race on perceptions of those who falsely confessed to a crime. Psychology, Crime and Law. (Advanced Online Publication)
  • Howard, S., Oswald, D.L., & *Kirkman, M.S. (2018). Who believes in a male God? Ideological beliefs and gendered conceptualizations of God. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion.
  • Howard, S. & Sommers, S.R. (in press). White religious iconography increases anti-Black attitudes. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • Howard, S. & Sommers, S. R. (2017). Exposure to White religious iconography influences Black individuals’ intragroup and intergroup attitudes. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.
  • Howard, S. & Sommers, S.R. (2015). Exploring the enigmatic link between religion and anti-Black attitudes. The Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 9 (9), 495-510.

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