Mental Health Services Research Lab Past Graduates

Mental Health Services Research Lab Past Graduate Students: Dissertations and Current Employment

Andrew Newsom, Ph.D. (2014)

  • Title of Dissertation: The Effect of Meritocratic Worldviews on Mental Illness

Megan Petrik, Ph.D. (2014)

  • Title of Dissertation: Barriers and Facilitators of Suicide Risk Assessment in an Emergency Department: Perspectives from Health Care Providers

Melissa Miller, Ph.D. (2013)

  • Title of Dissertation: Treating Family Members:  The Effectiveness of a Family-Oriented Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Cody Carson, Ph.D. (2013)

  • Title of Dissertation: Spiritual Questioning and Its Impact on the Therapeutic Alliance: A Preliminary Study

Laura Bein, Ph.D. (2011)

  • Title of Dissertation: Military Mental Health: Problem Recognition, Treatment-Seeking, and Barriers

Sara Little, Ph.D. (2011)

  • Title of Dissertation: The Therapeutic Relationship in Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Longitudinal Investigation in a Naturalistic Setting
  • Current Employment: Post-Doctoral Fellow, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA

Nicholas Bowersox, Ph.D. (2009)

  • Title of Dissertation: Treatment Attrition and Relapse Readmission in Psychiatric Inpatients: Predictors of Treatment Engagement and Psychiatric Relapse
  • Current Employment: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan - VA Ann Arbor Consortium

Mark Powless, Ph.D. (2009)

  • Title of Dissertation: Depression Among the Oneida: Case Studies of the Interface Between Modern and Traditional
  • Current Employment: Zablocki VA Hospital, Milwaukee WI

Stephanie Zanowski, Ph.D. (2009)

  • Title of Dissertation: Spiritual coping, distress, and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder following traumatic injury

Carolina Mendez, Ph.D. (2008)

  • Title of Dissertation: Determinates of Treatment for Substance Use Problems Among Hispanics versus Non-Hispanic White

Karen Bowersox (Zygowicz), Ph.D. (2007)

  • Title of Dissertation: Reducing Attrition through Enhancement of the Therapeutic Alliance
  • Current Employment: Ann Arbor Consultation Services

Angelique West, Ph.D. (2006)

  • Title of Dissertation: Minority Mental Health: An Analysis of Barriers to Help-Seeking and Treatment Attrition in a Low-income Sample
  • Current Employment: Project Leader, Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.

Shannon Schaeffer (Lee), Ph.D. (2005)

  • Title of Dissertation: Predictors of poor mental health following injury: A prospective study
  • Current Employment: Private Practice, Wausau WI

Amy Gurka-Hoffman, Ph.D. (2005)

  • Title of Dissertation: Mindfulness meditation for college students: A study of its utility and promotion of its practice
  • Current Employment: Cornerstone Counseling Services, Inc.

Benjamin DAngelo, Ph.D. (2004)

  • Title of Dissertation: An evaluation of a harm reduction based outpatient substance abuse treatment program for chronic recidivists
  • Current Employment: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Ann Rolling, Ph.D. (2004)

  • Title of Dissertation: Factors related to attrition from a comprehensive continuum-of-care program: Implications for the service utilization model
  • Current Employment: Unit supervisor, Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin

Joan Ravanelli-Miller, Ph.D. (2004)

  • Title of Dissertation: Attitudes and beliefs lawyers have about seeking professional mental health services
  • Current Employment: Marquette University Counseling Center

Lynn Servais, Ph.D. (2002)

  • Title of Dissertation: Clinical psychologists: Attitudes toward and conceptualizations of mental illness
  • Current Employment: Team Leader, ADRT Mental Health Division, Zablocki VA Medical Center

Eric Seybold, Ph.D. (2001)

  • Title of Dissertation: Treatment of externalizing behavior disorders in a comprehensive, continuum-of-care program
  • Current Employment: Health Psychology Associates

Bryan Smyth, Ph.D. (2001)

  • Title of Dissertation: Teasing out normal and neurotic perfectionism from multidimensional perfectionism scales
  • Current Employment: Director of Mount Pisgah Academic Center (IMPACT), Johns Creek, GA