Step Four Protocols

Recovery Plan Step Four protocols for returning to campus

Step 4This document provides the protocols for Step Four of the Recovery Planning process and may be altered in future steps of the phased return to campus: Return to Campus Recovery Plan

(Return to Campus Recovery Plan Step Four Accessible PDF)

Step Four is our current phase of the five-step Recovery Plan, and it entails a return to campus in preparation for the fall semester. Campus will be fully operational and plans are in place for the acceptance of students for the 2020 fall semester, in alignment with government and medical guidelines.

Our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, and our policies and plans will be updated as more information becomes available.

What's new in the Step Four Recovery Plan?

  • Alert levels informed by guidance from, the CDC and American Enterprise Institute’s Road Map to Reopening
  • Gating criteria including testing results timing, percentage of positive tests, quarantine/isolation capacity, access to personal protective equipment and percentage of contacts reached within a 24-hour period when a positive case is confirmed
  • Information on when, where and how to properly wear cloth and disposable masks
  • Introduction to the COVID Cheq symptom tracker
  • Information on Marquette's testing plan
  • Updated CDC guidelines for symptoms, travel, proper PPE and more
  • Student quarantine and isolation guidelines
  • A Student Life section highlighting residence halls and dining, the student welcome kit, Marquette's Community Standards and Community Pledge, education modules, student employment guidance and more
  • Update on the reopening of the Child Care Center
  • Travel guidelines for employees
  • Guidance for events on campus