Students: Upload a video to Microsoft Stream and share with your instructor

Students: Follow these steps to upload your video to Microsoft Stream then set video permissions to share with your instructor. You can also upload and share the video with your Teams class site, including the instructor.

Uploading a video to Microsoft Stream

  1. Go to If you haven't recently logged in to Office 365, you may be prompted to sign in.

    Click or tap here if you need to log into Office 365...

    1. Type in your email address, or select your email address if shown as an option. Click or tap the Next button.

      Sign in with email address

    2. You may be prompted for your password. Enter your Marquette password and click or tap the Sign in button.

      Enter your password

    3. Decide if you want to stay signed in to reduce your number of logins. Select Yes or No.

      Stay signed in prompt: Yes or No
  2. The Office 365 home appears. If you don't see the Microsoft Stream icon, click or tap the App Launcher icon  App Launcher  in the upper left. A menu appears with a list of Apps. If you still don't see Stream listed, click or tap All Apps. Then select the Stream icon.

    Stream icon
  3. Click or tap My Content > Videos.

    Upload video

  4. A listing of your videos appears. You can drag and drop a video into the My Videos page to upload it to Microsoft Stream. Or you can click or tap the browse link.


  5. If you are prompted for a default language, select a language from the drop-down menu (e.g., English) and click or tap Save.

    Set language

  6. Your video starts uploading. When uploaded, the publish button appears and processing begins. While the video processes, enter the video name and a brief description.

    Enter name and description

Setting permissions for your video

  1. Click or tap the Permissions section. Note that "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" is unchecked, which prevents all Marquette users from viewing the video.

    In the "Share with" drop-down menu, keep the People option selected.

    Select People

  2. In the "Search for people" text box, enter the last name of your instructor. Click or tap the magnifying glass icon to search to see results. Select your instructor from the results. In this example, instructor Jane Smithy — the only search result —  is selected.

    Search for instructor

  3. Now your instructor shows as having viewing permission to the video. If your instructor needs to download your video assignment, check the Owner checkbox to allow them to do so. 

    Instructor has access

  4. Click or tap the Details section to close the Permissions section. When the video finishes processing, you can select a thumbnail image that will appear before the video is played. If your video is long and still processing, keep the browser window open while processing. Microsoft Stream will send you an email message when processing is complete.

    Select thumbnail image

  5. Click or tap the Options section. Decide if you want to keep comments for the video on or if you prefer comments turned off. Click or tap Publish.

    Select options and publish

  6. Your video is published with viewing permissions for your instructor. Now you'll need to share a link, so your instructor knows where to view the video. Click or tap the Share button.

    Share button

  7. A sharing screen appears with a web address to share the video with your instructor. Click or tap the Copy button to copy the web address for sharing. Click or tap the Close button.

    Share link

  8. To return to the My videos page, click or tap the my videos link. Share the link you copied with your instructor.

    My Videos link

You have successfully uploaded a video to Microsoft Stream, granting viewing permissions to only instructor. 


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Stream.