Create an Online Class Session or Meeting for Microsoft Teams

Instructors: There are three ways to create a Microsoft Teams online class session.

1. Create Teams Meetings/Class Sessions via D2L

Instructors can create Teams meetings/class sessions right from the D2L course site.

Important: If you use D2L to make an online class session/meeting, that online meeting will NOT appear on your calendar.

Learn more about this new D2L feature.

2. Or create the Online Meeting/Class Session from a Team Site Using a Channel

You'll need a class Teams site for this option. To request a Teams site for your class section, go to CheckMarq and select Faculty Center. Click or tap the Create Microsoft Team button for each class section needing a Teams site.

Note that you'll need to send out the meeting invitation to view the "Join Microsoft Meeting" link, call-in phone number and Conference ID. Watch the video below to create the online meeting/class session.

After the session is created
, the meeting will appear in a Teams conversation, but the Team site participants won't be notified.

  1. To mention this new meeting, click or tap Reply.
  2. The reply text box appears. Type @team.

    Reply to Team conversation
  3. You'll be prompted with the team's name as a suggestion. Select the team name.
  4. Your reply includes a mention of the Team site by name. Write a brief note about the meeting.
  5. Click the paper airplane icon to send.

3. Or Create the Online Meeting/Class Session from Your Calendar

Note the video below shows scheduling a Skype meeting, but be sure to click or tap the adjacent Teams Meeting icon instead.

  • Mac Users: Be sure to add someone to your meeting invitation to reveal the Teams Meeting icon.
  • If you do not see the Teams meeting icon in Outlook, schedule using Outlook on the Web Calendar. When creating a new event via the Web, select the Teams meeting option, so the switch is active (blue means on).

    Teams Meeting on

    Note that with Outlook on the Web Calendar, you won't see the meeting details — the join link, call-in number and Conference ID — until after the invitation is sent.