Upcoming and Recent Teams Features

Upcoming Features

The features are not available today but are planned for upcoming updates of Microsoft Teams. 

  • New Teams Meeting Experience 

    Microsoft will launch a new Teams Meetings meetings experience in the desktop software, expected in June 2020. When available, you will be able to view Teams meetings in a pop-out window, separate from the main Microsoft Teams window. 

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    Microsoft Teams new meeting experience with pop-out window and fixed meeting controls

    Controls such as mute/unmute, camera on/off, chat and leave will move to the top of the meeting window. That way, the meeting controls are always available and will never block content.

    New controls are always present

    Initially, these new features will be an optional user setting. When available in Teams, you can switch on the new meeting experience by clicking or tapping your Profile Avatar or Initials in the upper right of Teams. Then go to Settings > General > Turn on new meetings and calling experiences. You will need to restart of Microsoft Teams for the change to take effect. Sometime in late Summer 2020, the new meeting experience will become the Teams default.

  • View seven-by-seven video feeds — up to 49 total at a time. A preview of this feature is expected in June 2020 and general availability in fall 2020.

    7-by-7 view for Microsoft Teams meeting

  • Coming in fall 2020, instructors can create virtual breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams meetings. Students can work within their smaller groups on a discussion or assignment, then easily be called back to the larger group.

  • Upload your own background image for the background settings in a Teams meeting/online class session. This feature may arrive in May 2020 or later this summer.

  • Teams meetings will include noise suppression, which reduces distracting background noise, such as loud typing or a barking dog. This feature is coming later in 2020.

Recent Features

  • View three-by-three video feeds — up to nine total at a time. Generally became available on May 13, 2020.

    3-by-3 video feeds

  • Download a participant report, found in the participant list, that includes join and leave times for participants. Generally became available on May 15, 2020.

  • Raise hand lets meeting participants indicate they have something to say during a meeting by clicking or tapping the hand-raise icon on the meeting control bar. Alerts for raised hands appear at bottom of the Teams screen and in the participant list (when shown as a right column). Generally became available on May 15, 2020.

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    Microsoft Teams: Raise Hand feature

  • End meeting allows the meeting organizer to end a meeting for all participants. Click or tap the three-dots icon on the meeting control bar. Select End meeting. If the online meeting or class was recording, the recording also stops when you use the end meeting feature. Generally became available on April 10, 2020.

    End meeting

  • Select background settings gives you several background images to replace the standard blurred background. IT Services has added several Marquette themed backgrounds as well. Before you join an online meeting, turn on your camera and click or tap the blur icon to reveal the background settings options in the right column. Generally became available in April 2020.

    Select background effects

    Also, during the online meeting or class, you can turn on or switch the background setting image. With your camera on, click or tap the three-dots icon on the meeting control bar. Select Show background effects.