Dr. John E. Curran, Jr. named Editor

Renascence is happy to announce that Dr. John E. Curran, Jr. is taking over as Editor. The great Dr. Ed Block, Jr. will continue on as Senior Editor.

The website will be updated regularly, so check back to see when the next issue will be out. We are currently working on Volume 65, Issue 1.



Volume 64, Issue 1 is Published
JUNE 2010

Renascence is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 64, Issue 1, "H. Marshall McLuhan: A Centenary Tribute." Copies of the Marshall McLuhan issue are available for $16 each (including postage, $18 for overseas mailing). If you would like a copy, please mail a check for the appropriate amount to:

Raynor Memorial Libraries
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

We also have copies of many previous issues available for sale as indicated in Dr. Block's June 2010 note below. Please contact us at renascence@marquette.edu or (414) 288-6725 with any requests.

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