Residence Hall Room Reservation Request

The residence halls offer a variety of spaces to accommodate study groups, student organizations, department meetings and practice sessions. The rooms available can adapt to small and large groups, as well as offer various amenities for logistical purposes. In order to standardize the process, we ask that one representative complete an online room reservation request, which will be reviewed by our staff. The rooms are available on a first come, first served basis in order to ensure equitable access for all members of the university community.  Initial priority for all residence life spaces is given to residence life programming and meetings. Please request the space needed one week in advance of the event to provide adequate scheduling.

In addition, the following apply:

  • Please allow for 3 working days turnaround time to fulfill request and receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • All request must be from a University organization representative, department staff or faculty member.
  • Access to a room key is available with a Marquette University ID at the front desk of the residence hall.
  • Please adhere to the time frame requested and return the room set-up to its original layout.
  • Space is especially limited on Wednesday evenings, due to meetings that occur on those nights.
  • Movies/films hosted in public spaces of the residence halls fall under copyright law, and you must provide proof of purchased rights if the film does not fall under the public domain in order to host a screening. Please refer to the Student Organization Handbook for additional information.
Please select the rooms that you would like us to review availability. Use Ctrl+ to select multiple rooms.
Technology Needs*:
The Office of Residence Life does not provide tech support or room set-up. This question is to determine if the room you've selected meets your needs.
I have read and understand the reservation instructions at the top of this form: