AM/FM Selection Process

Apartment Manager and Facilities Manager Positions

The manager positions are advanced employment positions within the Office of Residence Life that require confident, competent, and committed student leaders. The managers in both the residence halls and the apartments contribute to their residential communities through supervision of a building front desk, management of facilities concerns, and attention to building occupancy due to students moving in or out.

The ideal manager candidate is a current junior, senior, or graduate student who has two years of previous work experience, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 at the time of application, and is in good standing with the university. Quality candidates will have a commitment to personal integrity and will be able to demonstrate good organizational, management, and interpersonal skills. Managers are expected to hold 10 office hours each week that occur both during University business hours as well as the evening for access to students. Academic program will be considered in regards to ability to fulfill the expectations of the position.

To learn more, click on the links below for the detailed job descriptions.

Manager Selection for Academic Year 2022-2023

Thank you for your interest in the Manager position. Take the following steps to apply for the Apartment Manager, Facilities Manager, or both for 2022-2023. All materials are due Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm (noon).


  1. Review the information session here
  • The info session contains valuable information about the application process and what to expect from the position.
  1. Review the Current Manager Panel here:
  2. Complete the Manager essay (see prompts below and link to form)
  • Using the following template, share your interest in the role and respond to three questions regarding the Manager position: 
  • You will upload this to your Handshake profile to complete your application.
  1. Apply via Handshake
  • Upload your essay and resume to your profile
  • Apply for the manager position
  1. Complete your asynchronous interview here:
  • You will be able to view each interview question in advance of responding.
  • The interview is recorded and will not include a live interviewer.
  • Interview responses are timed.
  • You can re-record your answer up to five times
  • If a consistent internet connection is a problem, please email ORLjobs@marquette.eduto set up a phone interview as an alternative
  1. Recommendation Letter: Ask one trusted reference to submit a recommendation form, available here:
  2. Complete your Manager presentation.
  • After submitting your application materials, you will be contacted to sign up for a presentation time to take place on January 21, 2022.
  • Prompt:You need to submit payroll within an hour where you are correcting issues from staff who have errors on their time sheets. At the same time, you have a DR who is arriving late to their shift and called you to cover it until they can arrive. While working the desk, you quickly discover you will be late submitting your time sheets due to how many students are at the front desk and being unable to multitask:
  • Summarize the issues: What is the problem and why would it present issues to the Manager and other stakeholders involved?
  • What immediate steps would you take regarding the issues present?
  • In what ways could you ask for support in this kind of scenario?
  • What does follow-up look like in this scenario?



 Please use the template available here:  Manager Essay Template 2022-2023

  •  POSITION INTEREST: Describe your interest in the Apartment Manager (AM), Facilities Manager (FM), or both positions. What do you hope to gain and contribute if hired to the position? In addition, please note if you have any schedule conflicts with the expected position start dates or position commitments (AMs May, FMs August, Wednesday night staff meetings, and noon on Wednesday manager meetings).
  •  DR EMAIL: Write an email message that you would send to the Desk Receptionist staff in early August if hired to the manager position. The memo should cover a welcome to the staff, training expectations, and your vision for the year. You are welcome to assume details on dates, deadlines, and building information:
  •  DESK INCLUSION: Based on the Campus Climate Study and Office of Residence Life assessments, we know that interactions with the front desk can impact students’ perceptions and experiences of feeling included and welcomed in their residence hall or apartment. When students do not feel welcomed or included, we often look to the potential influence of bias. For example, students of color have experienced inconsistent policy enforcement from DRs across campus. What role can an Apartment or Facilities Manager take in creating an inclusive environment for students through the front desks? Describe what steps you would like to take if hired as a manager.


Throughout this process, please use this document to access resources, learn about the topics discussed in the application and interview, and access campus resources for support - Office of Residence Life Resource Guide on Applications, Interviews, and Recommendations.


Should you have any additional questions regarding the RA application, interview or role, please contact Tracy Gerth-Antoniewicz, Assistant Director of Residence Life Education, at